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OtapediaTsurune: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club


Tsurune: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club video 1

Alternate Titles

Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu
ツルネ ―風舞高校弓道部―


“Tsurune” is the sound an arrow makes as it leaves the bow. Just like an arrow hitting its target, life is full of partings and meetings. For Minato Narumiya, the flight of an arrow will be the start of everything.


Tsurune: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club is adapted from the light novel series written by Kotoko Ayano with illustrations by Chinatsu Morimoto. The anime adaptation was announced on NHK’s official website on Oct. 23, 2017. The TV anime will premiere on NHK in October 2018. Naru will perform the series’ opening theme, “Luck Life,” while the ending theme will be performed by ChouCho.


Minato Narumiya (Voiced by: Yuuto Uemura)

Height: 173 cm
Birthday: Dec. 21
Star sign: Sagittarius
Minato Narumiya became fascinated by traditional Japanese archery after seeing a contest with his mother and took up the sport in elementary school. However, at the end of middle school, Minato was defeated in a match because of his own mistake and lost his confidence. He put down his bow for good. He becomes good friends with Seiya because they live near each other and even makes friends with the family’s dog, Kuma.

Seiya Takehaya (Voiced by: Aoi Ichikawa)

Height: 175 cm
Birthday: April 2
Star sign: Aries
Seiya Takehaya is a good friend of Minato’s and also the captain of the archery club. Seiya is mature but sometimes loses his cool where Minato is concerned. He usually wears glasses but switches to contacts for archery. Seiya owns a large dog called Kuma and comes from a family of doctors.

Ryohei Yamanouchi (Voiced by: Ryota Suzuki)

Height: 182 cm
Birthday: Feb. 23
Star sign: Pisces
Ryohei Yamanouchi is a quiet, friendly boy who has been friends with Seiya and Minato since elementary school. Ryohei changed schools for middle school but reunited with his friends for high school. He developed an interest in archery in middle school and took some lessons, but his real start wasn’t until high school so he has the least experience among the members of the archery club.

Nanao Kisaragi (Voiced by: Shogo Yano)

Height: 170 cm
Birthday: Oct. 18
Star sign: Libra
Nanao Kisaragi is Kaito’s cousin. He tries to smooth things over when Kaito and Minato fight. He may look like he’s not so smart with his tacky appearance, but Nanao is able to analyze situations calmly. Nanao is also extremely popular with the girls at school who have even started a fan club for him!

Kaito Onogi (Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa)

Height: 178 cm
Birthday: Sept. 22
Star sign: Virgo
Kaito Onagi is Nanao’s cousin and, having been friends with him for so long, has become something like his bodyguard. He’s a man of the world, but is also hot blooded and takes his archery extremely seriously, even once refusing Minato’s friendship because he’d previously abandoned the sport. His hobby is reading and he has a cat called Lucy.

Masaki Takagawa (Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma)

Masaki Takagawa is a mysterious man Minato met at an archery club in the forest. He is a first-rate archer and handsome, but a bit old fashioned. He fires 1,000 arrows at the archery ground when no one else is around.

Shu Fujiwara (Voiced by: Kensho Ono)

Height: 180 cm
Birthday: May 11
Star sign: Aries
Shu Fujiwara’s grandfather was British and Shu is also from a noble family. He is the strongest archer at the club at his high school and was previously a middle school teammate of Seiya and Minato’s. He likes Japanese food.

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  • Original Creator: Kotoko Ayano
  • Original Illustrator: Chinatsu Morimoto
  • Director: Takuya Yamamura
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
  • Character Designer: Miku Kadowaki
  • Chief Animation Director: Nobuaki Maruki
  • Art Director: Shouko Ochiai
  • 3D Art: Mutsuo Shinohara
  • Color Designer: Azumi Hata
  • Prop Designer: Hiroshi Karata
  • Director of Photography: Kouhei Funamoto
  • 3D Director: Rin Yamamoto
  • Superviser: Yasuhiro Takemoto
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Music: Harumi Fuuki
  • Music Production: Lantis
  • Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: Luck Life
  • Ending Theme Song Artist: ChouCho


Autumn 2018 Anime

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