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OtapediaAce Attorney Season 2

Alternate Titles

Gyakuten Saiban: Sono Shinjitsu Igi Ari! Season 2
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Season 2
逆転裁判~その「真実」, 異議あり!~ Season 2


Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright) has fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a defence lawyer helping to protect the innocent and vulnerable, but when he takes on his first court case under the guidance of his mentor Chihiro Ayasato, Ryuichi realizes that the law is not always such a straightforward business. Together with his assistant, Mayoi (Maya), Ryuichi must come up with unusual strategies to expose the truth and exonerate his clients!


Ace Attorney is inspired by the hit Capcom game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The anime adaptation was first announced at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show during the presentation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. The first season began airing on April 2, 2016 and adapted the first two games. Announced in March 2018, the second season will adapt the third game in the series and is set to air from Oct. 6, 2018.

Johnny's West sing both opening themes for the first season, "Gyakuten Winner" and "Jinsei wa Subarashii.” Rei Yasuda performed the first ending theme, “Message,” while the second ending theme was Tokyo Performance Doll’s "Junai Chaos.”


Ryuichi Naruhodo / Phoenix Wright (Voiced by: Yuuki Kaji (Japanese), Jill Harris (English))

Ryuichi Naruhodo (known as Phoenix Wright in the English localization of the games) is a novice defence attorney. He was accused of murder as a university student but was successfully defended by Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey) and joined her firm after he graduated and became a lawyer himself. Ryuichi has a strong sense of justice and believes in all his clients, refusing to give up until they are acquitted. However, he sometimes has to bluff and come up with unusual courtroom strategies in order to expose the truth.

Mayoi Ayasato / Maya Fey (Voiced by: Aoi Yuki (Japanese), Lindsay Seidel (English))

Known as Maya Fey in the English localization of the games, Mayoi Ayasato is a spirit medium and the younger sister of Ryuichi Naruhodo’s mentor, Chihiro. After being accused of murder and successfully defended by Ryuichi, she ends up joining his legal team and acts as his courtroom assistant.

Reiji Mitsurugi / Miles Edgeworth (Voiced by: Masashi Tamaki (Japanese), Christopher Wehkamp (English))

Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth in the games’ English localization) is a childhood friend of Ryuichi Naruhodo’s. Reiji once longed to become a defence attorney like his father, Gregory, but after his father’s murder and the trial in which the killer went free, Reiji developed an intense hatred for criminals and vowed to become a prosecutor. Reiji, known as “the demon prosecutor,” is now Ryuichi’s greatest courtroom rival.

Chihiro Ayasato / Mia Fey (Voiced by: Chie Nakamura (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English))

Chihiro Ayasato (known as Mia Fey in the English localization), is Ryuichi’s mentor and the older sister of Mayoi (Maya). A top attorney, she decided to dedicate herself to the law as a result of her mother’s disappearance.

Keisuke Itonokogiri / Dick Gumshoe (Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki (Japanese), Bryan Massey (English))

Keisuke Itonokogiri (Dick Gumshoe in the English localization of the games), is a homicide detective often overseeing Ryuichi’s cases. He is often dishevelled and repeatedly faces pay cuts due to his “unconventional” investigatory techniques.

Masashi Yahari / Larry Butz (Voiced by: Tooru Nara (Japanese), Josh Martin (English))

Masashi Yahari (Larry Butz in the English localization) is a childhood friend of Ryuichi and Reiji’s. He has a longstanding reputation for getting himself into trouble and can’t hold down a job. He’s also a terrible flirt and perhaps a bother to many of the women he encounters.

Godot / Soryu Kaminogi / Diego Armando (Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese))

Godot, whose real name is Soryu Kaminogi (known as Diego Armando in the English localization of the game), was once Chihiro’s boyfriend and is now a prosecutor with a serious coffee habit. He was poisoned by Dahlia Hawthorne whilst conducting an investigation and wound up in a coma for five years. The illness turned his hair white and blinded him, but he is able to see with the help of a high tech visor though he is still unable to detect the color red. Godot also holds a grudge against Ryuichi for failing to protect Chihiro.

Harumi Ayasato / Pearl Fey (Voiced by: Misaki Kuno (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English))

Harumi Ayasato (known as Pearl Fey in the games’ English localization) is the cousin of Chihiro and Mayoi. Considered a spirit medium prodigy, she rarely leaves Kurain Village but eventually begins assisting Ryuichi and Mayoi with their cases.

International Streaming

  • Funimation

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  • Original Creator: Capcom
  • Chief Producer: Kouji Nagai
  • Director: Ayumu Watanabe
  • Assistant Director: Yukiko Imai
  • Series Composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Keiko Ota
  • Music: Kaoru Wada
  • Animation Production: CloverWorks


Autumn 2018 Anime

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