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Bloom Into You video 1

Alternate Titles

Yagate Kimi ni Naru


Worried that she’ll never understand what it means to fall in love, Yuu Koito is stunned when a boy she’d been friends with suddenly confesses to her at their middle school graduation ceremony. Unable to reply, Yuu takes her confusion with her to high school where she meets student council president Touko Nanami and witnesses her elegantly turn someone down on the grounds she didn’t think she could fall in love with anyone. Yuu decides to ask Touko for advice and discovers that she generally turns everyone down because no one has ever appealed to her. It is therefore a surprise when Touko suddenly confesses that she might be falling in love with Yuu…


Bloom into You is adapted from the yuri manga written and illustrated by Nio Nakatani which has been running in Dengeki Daioh since April 2015. The TV anime adaptation was announced in the June 2018 edition of Dengeki Daioh and is set to begin broadcasting in October 2018.


Yuu Koito (C.V. Hisako Kanemoto)

Yuu Koito is a high school girl who worries that she’ll never understand what it is to fall in love. When a friendly boy confesses to her at her middle school graduation, she doesn’t know what to do. When she gets to high school, Yuu sees student council president Touko elegantly turn down a proposal and asks her for advice only for Touko to fall for her! Yuu lives with her father, mother, older sister, and grandmother who owns a bookstore where Yuu sometimes helps out.

Touko Nanami (C.V. Minako Kotobuki)

Touko Nanami is a second-year high school student and the student council president. She always turns down confessions because none of them so far have caught her interest, but now she finds herself falling for Yuu. Touko lives with her mother and father. Since her older sister’s death she feels as if she has to work harder to live her sister’s life too.

Sayaka Saeki

Sayaka Saeki is Touko’s best friend and the student council vice-president. She also harbors feelings for Touko.

Seiji Maki

Seiji Maki is a first-year high school student and a member of the student council. He has three sisters and so finds it very easy to talk to girls. Seiji enjoys other people’s romantic drama but has no interest in romance for himself.

Suguru Doujima

Suguru Doujima is a member of the student council and a first-year high school student. He joined the student council on an invitation from Touko’s predecessor.

Koyomi Kanou

Koyomi Kanou is a first-year high school student and a friend of Yuu’s. She’s a great lover of books and wants to become a writer. She’s normally quite quiet but noticeably perks up when talking about her favorite authors.

Akari Hyuuga

Akari Hyuga is a friend of Yuu’s and a first-year high school student. She followed her crush to the same high school and then joined the basketball club because he was a member.

Riko Hakozaki

Riko Hakozaki is a female teacher and an advisor to the student council. She is currently in a relationship with the female manager of a nearby cafe called Echo.

International Streaming

  • Hidive

Official Links


  • Original Creator: Nio Nakatani
  • Director: Makoto Kato
  • Series Composition/Scriptwriter: Jukki Hanada
  • Character Designer: Hiroaki Goda
  • Music: Michiru Oshima
  • Animation Production: TROYCA


Autumn 2018 Anime

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