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OtapediaCatslevania Season 2

Alternate Title

悪魔城ドラキュラ(キャッスルヴァニア) 第2シーズン


Based on the iconic Konami game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the Castlevania TV series follows hero Trevor Belmont as he defends the nation of Wallachia against Dracula and his minions. The likes of Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Dracula return in season 2 of the Netflix series!


Distributed by media powerhouse Netflix, Castlevania is an animated adaptation of the 1989 Konami game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. Those dark horror elements are brought to life by directors Sam Deats and Ryoichi Uchikoshi, as well as writer Warren Ellis, and the mood of the series is further captured by composer Trevor Morris.

Season 1 included four episodes which were released on Netflix on July 7, 2017, and season 2 is expected to have eight episodes and will be available for streaming on Oct. 26, 2018.


Trevor Belmont (Voiced by: Richard Armitage)

The last living member of the Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont initially tries to hide his identity as they are shunned as failed monster hunters who have even been excommunicated by the church after being accused of practicing black magic. Despite this, he’s a competent fighter with a good heart.

Adrian Tepes / Alucard (Voiced by: James Callis)

Born of Dracula and Lisa Tepes, Alucard is a dhampir - a half-vampire, half-human. He wishes to protect mankind from his father and joins Belmont on his quest to slay Dracula. His drive stems from love for his mother who was kind with a strong interest in science and healing. Despite being killed by humans who mistook her skills for black magic, she loved and forgave them, and he chooses to follow her example of forgiveness.

Vlad Dracula Tepes (Voiced by: Graham McTavish)

A brilliant vampire who falls in love with a human woman, Lisa. After her cruel death at the hands of humans who mistook her medical skills for black magic, he swears vengeance upon mankind and summons an army of monsters to destroy all the people of Wallachia.

Sypha Belnades (Voiced by: Alejandra Reynoso)

A member of a group of nomad scholars known as the Seekers, Sypha is among those who use magic demonized by the church which is accused of being the cause behind the attacks of Dracula’s army. She is also the granddaughter of the Elder of the Speakers, and she was searching for a “sleeping soldier” who could stop Dracula’s attack.

The Elder (Voiced by: Tony Amendola)

The Elder is the head of the Speakers and the grandfather of Sypha. He was nearly killed by two priests until Trevor saved him, and in thanks, he welcomed Trevor into the Speakers’ hut. He is a kindhearted man with a great deal of conviction in his role.

The Bishop (Voiced by: Matt Frewer)

The senior cleric of the diocese of Targoviste and the subordinate of the city’s Archbishop, the Bishop is cruel, intolerant, and quick to a mob mentality. He’s a fanatic who is quick to excommunicate or even execute, and he is greedy and power-hungry. He is killed at the end of season 1 when demons enter his church, and he was the one who personally condemned Lisa Tepes to the stake.

Lisa Tepes (Voiced by: Emily Swallow)

Lisa had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and, unsatisfied by her limited resources, she fearlessly seeks out Dracula who is known to have knowledge beyond that of any mortal. He admires her pure heart and curiosity, as well as her relentless persistence, and the two fall in love, marry, and have a son named Adrian (Alucard). She is accused by the Bishop of Targoviste of being a witch when he sees her medical supplies and is burned at the stake. Despite the cruel nature of her death, she begs Dracula to forgive mankind for they didn’t understand what they were doing. While she manages to pass this forgiveness onto her son, it does not get through to Dracula.

International Streaming

  • Netflix


  • Original Creator: Konami
  • Director: Sam Deats
  • Scriptwriter: Warren Ellis
  • Executive Producers: Warren Ellis, Adi Shankar, Fred Seibert, Kevin Kolde
  • Animation Production: Frederator Studios


Autumn 2018 Anime

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