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OtapediaLive Animation Heart x Algorhythm Season 2

Alternate Title

直感×アルゴリズム♪ 2ndシーズン


For the last two years, aspiring AI idols Kilin and Xi have been patiently honing their song and dance skills as well as upping their fashion sense. Now they’ve been invited to participate in the world’s biggest AI idol festival Fever Pitch Fes by top producer Bunny P. While they’re nervous and battling constant interference from the digital storm, the pair are practicing hard for their big debut. Will the girls win big at Fever Pitch Fes? Only time will tell…


A Japan/China co-production, Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm is the very "first animated live documentary variety program.” The first season aired from August to October 2017 with season 2 set to follow in the autumn of 2018. The opening and ending themes are sung by Kilin and Xi.


Kilin (Voiced by: Minori Suzuki)

Birthday: Aug. 17
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 2-year-old AI (16 in human years)
Hometown: A server in Japan, Asia
Favorite Food: sushi, hamburgers, curry
Image Color: red
Language: Japanese
Kilin is a Tsundere type who likes to brood. Sometimes she gets angry when she has difficulty communicating with Xi but loves her very much.

Xi (Voiced by: Emiri Iwai (anime), Xiǎo Wǔ (songs))

Birthday: Aug. 17
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 2-year-old AI (16 in human years)
Hometown: A server in China, Asia
Favorite Food: sushi, fruit (mango and pineapple), boiled gyoza
Image Color: blue
Language: Chinese
Xi is dynamic and brave. She likes to shake her butt and show off her tights in the live shows.

Bunny P (Voiced by: Seira Ryu)

Bunny P is a bunny-shaped AI character and the producer who has managed Kilin and Xi as AI idols.

International Streaming


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  • Original Character Designer: KEI
  • Producer: Yoshitada Fukuhara
  • 3D CG Production: DMM.futureworks
  • Production: Yaoyorozu, Just Production
  • Animation Production: W-Toon Studio


Autumn 2018 Anime

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