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Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a modern day high school girl named Mei Ayazuki who time-slips back into the Meiji period of Tokyo and loses all memory of her present self. There, she meets several famous ikemen from history. All of these ikemen court her and compete for her affections in an amusing harem fashion. Mei suddenly takes on the part of fish out of water, flapping around a majestic, glamorous world overflowing with rich, handsome young men. What will she do? And can she ever get back home?


Based on a 2011 otome romance visual novel by Broccoli, Gekijoban Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade (Meiji Tokyo Love Song Crescent Moon's Serenade) was released as an anime film adaptation on July 18, 2015. The film was directed by Hiroshi Watanabe. Meiji Tokyo Renka is a new anime re-telling slated for January 2019 release. It will be directed by Akitaro Daichi. Several notable voice actors will be joining the cast, including Jun Fukuyama, Shinnosuke Tachibana, and Toshiyuki Morikawa. A live-action film is scheduled to follow the anime in Summer 2019.


Mei Ayazuki (Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi)

The main character of the story. Mei is a gluttonous modern-age high-school girl that gets whisked off to the Meiji era of Tokyo. While there, she can’t remember her present self. She also acquires supernatural abilities.

Ogai Mori (Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa)

A man of many talents. Historically, Ogai Mori was a lieutenant-general, an army surgeon general officer, a translator, and a novelist. He’s very open-minded, especially compared to other Japanese of his time.

Goro Fujita (Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama)

A samurai of the Edo period and police officer during the Meiji Restoration. He’s an intimidating personality and first comes off as standoffish.

Shunso Hishida (Voiced by: Kenn)

A famous painter from the Meiji period. During his younger years, his work was not appreciated for being “too different.” He lives with Ogai Mori in a mansion. He’s the quiet/reserved type.

Otojiro Kawakami (Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi)

At a young age, Otojiro was a police officer. But he quickly changed careers and became a famed actor/comedian. He rebels against the Japanese government and is often arrested.

Kyoka Izumi (Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

A skilled writer of short stories, novels, and kabuki plays. He tends to get nervous easily.

Yakumo Koizumi (Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana)

A writer well-known for his work on Japanese legends and ghost stories. He lived in New Orleans for 10 years in his adulthood.

Charlie (Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa)

A mysterious young magician from the modern-age who spontaneously transports stranger Mei Ayazuki and himself to the Meiji era.

Tosuke Iwasaki (Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

Iwasaki is a rich and powerful businessman notable for being the first person to bring hydroelectric power to Japan. He loves chocolate and efficiency.

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  • Original Creators: MAGES., Love & Art
  • Director: Akitaro Daichi
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Junko Yamanaka
  • Animation Production: TMS Entertainment