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James Blood is a hotblooded member of London’s Capital Police Department attached to the elite SSC (Special Service of Crime) division. Following a series of grisly murders, he finds himself teaming up with Sarah Sinclair, a lawyer who witnesses her boss suddenly drop dead while working on a high profile case related to the mysterious LIVE Corporation. Together they attempt to uncover a vast conspiracy involving masks which give their wearers superhuman abilities.


Hero Mask is an original anime project produced by Studio Pierrot exclusively for Netflix. The 15-episode series was announced in November 2018 began streaming worldwide on Dec. 3, 2018.


James Blood (Japanese: Yasuyuki Kase / English: Greg Chun)

James Blood is a hot blooded police officer with London’s Capital Police Department attached to the elite Special Service of Crime (SSC) division. Together with prosecutor Sarah Sinclair he attempts to uncover the mystery behind the mysterious masks and LIVE Corporation.

Sarah Sinclair (Japanese: Yuko Kaida / English: Lauren Landa)

Sarah Sinclair is a junior lawyer working for Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell. When Campbell suddenly drops dead while working on a high profile case involving the LIVE Corporation, Sarah is convinced her death was not an accident and teams up with James Blood to investigate.

Lennox Gallagher (Japanese: Junpei Morita / English: Brad Venable)

Lennox Gallagher is James’ boss as the SSC.

Edmond Chandler (Japanese: Kentaro Takano / English: Landon McDonald)

Sergeant Edmond Chandler is the SSC’s go-to gadget guy. A technical specialist he designs and maintains the squad’s high tech equipment including James’ beloved GPS Bullets.

Harry Creighton (Japanese: Koki Uchiyama / English: Chris Niosi)

A mercenary currently working with the LIVE Corporation, Harry Creighton is a former police detective who went AWOL after his wife was taken ill.

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Official Info


  • Director/Chief Writer: Hiroyasu Aoki
  • Character Designer: Takahisa Katagiri
  • Background Artist: Katsuya Yamada
  • Art Directors: Yuki Sonoda, Takashi Nakamura
  • Costume Design: Isao
  • Color Designer: Shiori Furusho
  • Director of Photography: Toshikazu Hisano
  • Screen Designer: sankaku△
  • Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
  • Sound Director: Soichiro Kubo
  • Sound Effects: Mutsuhiro Nishimura
  • Music: Hisaki Kato
  • Animation Production: Studio Pierrot
  • Production: Hero Mask Project