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Since their sudden rise to fame in 2017, VTubers have only increased in popularity both in Japan and worldwide. And now, in 2019...they’re getting their own anime?! Slapstick hilarity is sure to ensue as the girls show off their personalities and idiosyncrasies like never before!


Virtualsan Looking is an original anime that will star 30 virtual YouTubers. The animation is being produced by Lide with Daigo Abe directing, Hideaki Anno providing consultation, and famous music producer Yasutaka Nakata creating the background music and theme songs. The anime will span 12 episodes, and each episode will be in an omnibus format with segments highlighting different VTubers. Kizuna AI will sing the theme song for the first six episodes, and the group Virtual Real will sing the theme song to the last six episodes. The series will premieres in Japan on Jan. 9 on Tokyo MX and other channels.


Mirai Akari

Denno Shojo Siro

Tsukino Mito

Tanaka Hime

Suzuki Hina

Nekomiya Hinata

Virtual Grandmother Sachiko Kobayashi


Fuji Aoi


Yamikumo Kerin

Oshare ni Naritai! Peanuts-kun

Yumesaki Kaede

Domyoji Haruto

Kazami Ryo

Sakuragi Miria

Higuchi Kaede

Shizuka Rin


Mononobe Alice

Kenmochi Toya

Ienaga Mugi

Sister Cleaire

Virtual Gorilla


Carro Pino

Kitakami Futaba

Kongo Iroha

Todoki Uka

Mochi Hiyoko

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  • Director: Daigo Abe
  • Music: Yasutaka Nakata
  • Chief Producer: Daisuke Yokosawa
  • Producer: Shinnosuke Suzuki
  • Idea Cooperation: Hideaki Anno
  • Animation Production: Lide
  • Production: Dwango


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