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Alternate Titles

Egao no Daika


Far away from the Earth, there is a planet where there exists a kingdom where everybody smiles all the time. Princess Yuki, however, is 12 years old and at a sensitive age. She laughs, she cries, and faces life with girlish excitement as she enjoys her easy days in the Royal Palace while her loyal entourage help to bring color to her world - her teacher, Reira, her political advisor, Izana, her chief knight, Harold, and childhood friend, Joshua. Meanwhile, Stella is 17 and a capable, cool soldier. However, she is forced to smile for her life…


Egao no Daika is an original anime project produced by by Tatsunoko Production in celebration of the studio’s 55th anniversary. Announced in October 2018, the series will premiere on Jan. 4, 2019.

The opening theme for the first season is "Egao no Kanata" by Chiho feat. Majiko, while kimi no orphée will perform ending theme "Kono Sekai ni Hanataba”.


Yuki Soleil (Voiced by: Yumiri Hanamori)

Yuki Soleil is the princess of the Kingdom of Soleil. She is naive and innocent, but also highly emotional, often smiling, crying, or becoming angry.

Joshua Ingram (Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Joshua Ingram is a childhood friend of Yuki’s. He is from a noble family of knights and thinks of protecting Yuki as his sacred duty.

Reira Etoile (Voiced by: Rina Sato)

Reira is Yuki’s teacher and the person she most fears. She is extremely knowledge but very strict about manners. Reira is a woman of few words but the only person in the kingdom able to scold Yuki. That strictness is, however, an expression of her love, and she will support Yuki no matter what.

Harold Miller (Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna)

Harold Miller is Yuki’s chief of knights and thinks of her like a daughter. He is also an excellent battlefield commander and has known Izana since their days at the military academy.

Izana Langford (Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu)

Izana Langford is Yuki’s political advisor. Fiercely intelligent and level headed, he excels at grasping the nuance of the situation. Truth be told, he doesn’t like to fight himself but would stop at nothing to protect his wife and daughter. An old military academy friend of Harold’s, Izana is also something of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

Yuni Vanquish (Voiced by: Makoto Koichi)

Lune’s older twin sister, Yuni Vanquish is a pilot from a remote town. She has a sisterly disposition and likes to take care of people as well as has a love of cute things. However, Yuni also has a reckless streak and is poor at reading the situation around her.

Lune Vanquish (Voiced by: Junya Enoki)

Lune Vanquish is Yuni’s younger twin brother and a pilot from a remote region. Unlike his sister, he is calm and serious. He is a skilled pilot but often occupied with looking after his sister.

Stella Shining (Voiced by: Saori Hayami)

Stella Shining is a soldier in the imperial army. She has superior battle skills and also operates as a pilot but has a paucity of expression, forcing herself to smile rather than risk exposing her true feelings.

Gale Owens (Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama)

Gale Owens is Stella’s commanding officer.

Lily Earhart (Voiced by: Yuki Nagaku)

Lily Earhart is a fellow soldier who admires Stella. Bright and cheerful, she is a huge support on the battlefield.

Huey Malthus (Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda)

Huey Malthus is a sarcastic soldier serving alongside Stella.

Pearce Thorn (Voiced by: Haruki Ishiya)

Pearce Thorn is a soldier with an intense sense of justice.

Blake Boyer (Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi)

Black Boyer is a pilot and mechanic serving with the army. From his laid-back personality you’d never guess he was a military man.

International Streaming

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  • Original Creator: Tatsunoko Production
  • Director: Toshimasa Suzuki
  • Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume
  • Original Character Designer: NOB-C
  • Character Designer: Naoto Nakamura
  • Mechanical Designers: Toshiaki Ihara, Noriyuki Yanase
  • Sound Director: Kazuya Tanaka
  • Music: Tsubasa Ito
  • 3DCG: Dynamo Pictures
  • Animation Production: Tatsunoko Production