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In the near future, otaku culture is in a state of decline and the former “otaku holy land” Akihabara has lost its shine. The Usagi Koya Honpo is one of the few remaining otaku shops. Together with a group of talented otaku girls, the manager of the store fights the virus infecting the worlds of various works while recovering people’s lost memories.


Pastel Memories began as a JRPG smartphone game developed by FuRyu released in October 2017 for Android and iOS. An anime adaptation produced by Project No.9 is in the works with Yasuyuki Shinozaki directing, Tsuyoshi Tamai writing the script, Shinya Segawa adapting Nero Nashiki’s original character designs for animation, and Akiyuki Tateyama composing the music. The anime’s opening theme song will be "Believe in Sky” by Asami Imai, and the ending theme will be "Sparkle☆Power” by Iketeru Hearts. The anime will premiere in Japan on Jan. 7, 2019 on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS Fuji.


Store Manager

The manager of the otaku shop Usagi Koya Honpo.

Izumi Asagi (Voiced by: Hiyori Nitta)

Birth Date: March 5
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Sizes: 85/62/86
Hobby: none in particular
Likes: interesting things
Dislikes: being bored
A second-year student at Satsukibashi High School. She has been friends with the shop manager since they were children.

Ayaka Sakaki (Voiced by: Mariko Toribe)

Birth Date: July 13
Blood Type: AB
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Sizes: 92/59/88
Hobby: cosplay
Likes: mushrooms, doujinshi
Dislikes: bamboo shoots
A second-year student at Satsukibashi High School. She is close friends with Asagi. She doesn’t let anyone around her know, but she has a hobby of collecting Boy’s Love books.

Irina Leskova (Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama)

Birth Date: Feb. 19
Blood Type: A
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Sizes: 86/57/86
Hobby: military
Likes: rules
Dislikes: those who break the rules
A third-year student at Satsukibashi High School. She is an exchange student from Russia. She has a serious personality and likes Japan. She learns common knowledge about Japan and its culture from anime and manga.

Kaoruko Nijouin (Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii)

Birth Date: Nov. 10
Blood Type: B
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Sizes: 82/56/84
Hobby: anime
Likes: perfection
Dislikes: slackers
A second-year student at Yuraginozaka High School. She is the daughter of the Nijouin Zaibatsu.

Yuina Machiya (Voiced by: Rie Murakawa)

Birth Date: April 26
Blood Type: O
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Sizes: 90/56/86
Hobby: maid
Likes: money, pranks
Dislikes: loneliness, poverty
A third-year student at Yuraginozaka High School. She has a capricious personality like that of a cat.

Michi Edogawabashi (Voiced by: Naomi Ozora)

Birth Date: Oct. 31
Blood Type: B
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Sizes: 69/51/72
Hobby: dolls
Likes: those who are kind to her
Dislikes: being the center of attention
A first-year student at Yuraginozaka High School. She is quiet and has a mysterious air about her.

Minami Senju (Voiced by: Ai Yamamoto)

Birth Date: Aug. 25
Blood Type: A
Height: 168
Weight: 57
Sizes: 90/59/87
Hobby: video games
Likes: onsen, beauty, being healthy
Dislikes: those who break promises
A third-year student at Ouri High School. She grew up in the countryside of Kyoto and speaks with a dialect. She is good at cooking and housework.

Chimari Maiko (Voiced by: Yui Ogura)

Birth Date: June 6
Blood Type: A
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Sizes: 69/50/71
Hobby: history
Likes: helping others
Dislikes: scary things
A first-year student at Ouri High School. Cowardly and weak, she is easily surprised and often faints. She has a stronger sense of justice than most.

Nao Mejiro (Voiced by: Yumiri Hanamori)

Birth Date: Dec. 14
Blood Type: O
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Sizes: 72/58/80
Hobby: shonen manga
Likes: sports
Dislikes: being treated like a man
A first-year student at Ouri High School. She is tomboyish and athletic.

Rei Kurushima (Voiced by: Yurika Kubo)

Birth Date: Jan. 25
Blood Type: B
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Sizes: 86/55/86
Hobby: plastic models
Likes: animals, cute things
Dislikes: bothersome things
A second-year student at Ryoha Academy. She is a tsundere with a weakness for anything cute.

Komachi Satonaka (Voiced by: Megumi Toda)

Birth Date: May 2
Blood Type: O
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Sizes: 85/57/81
Hobby: photography
Likes: friends, cool things
Dislikes: studying
A second-year student at Ryoha Academy. She always has her camera with her and frequently takes pictures.

Saori Rokugou (Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai)

Birth Date: Sep. 5
Blood Type: AB
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Sizes: 92/59/86
Hobby: light novels
Likes: experimenting, inventing
Dislikes: nothing
A first-year student at Ryoha Academy. She creates many inventions and even holds several patents. She is called “Doctor” by everyone.

Nejire-Usagi (Voiced by: Chitose Morinaga)

Nicknamed “Negiusa.” He is a plushie of the Usagi Koya Honpo mascot but can move and talk due to the power of Memoria.

Maya (Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi)

Leader of the Black Elite. She is called the “Angel of Exploitation” due to those who become fascinated with her losing their dreams and desires.

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  • Original Creator: FuRyu
  • Director: Yasuyuki Shinozaki
  • Assistant Director: Kouwa Yamada
  • Series Composition: Tsuyoshi Tamai
  • Original Character Designer: Nero Nashiki
  • Character Designer: Shinya Segawa
  • Prop Designer: Hiroyuki Yoshii
  • Art Setting: Maho Takahashi
  • Art Director: Rin Katsura
  • Color Design: Satoshi Inoue, Yasunori Yasuda
  • Special Effects: Tomoki Murakami
  • Director of Photography: Akio Hayashi (PRA)
  • Editing: Juri Saito
  • Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi
  • Music: Akiyuki Tateyama
  • Music Production: MAGES.
  • Animation Production: Project No.9
  • Opening Theme Song Artist: Asami Imai
  • Ending Theme Song Artist: Iketeru Hearts