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Akira Ono is an average guy working for a company that’s creating a new video game. He often plays as his character Mao (Dark Lord) while working on the game, but one day when he goes to log in he’s suddenly transported into the game’s world! To make matters worse, in-game characters begin traveling from far and wide to defeat him. He soon happens upon a young villager named Aku whom he saves from being sacrificed. Together with Aku, Mao begins stirring up trouble wherever he goes!


Mao-sama, Retry! began as a light novel series written by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Makoto Iino that began serialization online on the self-published novel website Shosetsuka ni Naro. The series has since been acquired by Futabasha who have published three collected volumes so far under their Monster Bunko imprint. A manga adaptation by Amaru Minotake began being serialized digitally on Futabasha’s Web Comic Action in October 2017.

An anime adaptation is being produced by studio Ekachi Epilka and features Hiroshi Kimura as director, Ouka Tanisaki as series composer, and Chiyo Nakayama as character designer, with Shu Kanematsu composing the music. The anime will premiere in Japan on July 3, 2019 on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji. The opening theme song will be “Tempest” by Kaori Ishihara, and the ending theme song will be “New” by Haruka Tojo.


Hakuto Kunai / Akira Ono (Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda)

Akira Ono is working on creating a new game, when one day he is suddenly transported into its world when he goes to log in. In the game he looks like his character Mao (Dark Lord), but in reality he’s just an ordinary person. However, that’s not stopping in-game characters from trying to kill him as he stirs up trouble everywhere he goes!

Aku (Voiced by: Kanon Takao)

A villager, Aku lost both of her parents when she was young. She was persecuted by her village and was saved by Mao just before being sacrificed. She has an innocent personality and loves Mao like a father.

Luna Elegant (Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara)

The youngest of the Three Saints, Luna has the strongest magical ability of the saints. Possessing a natural genius, Luna can be extremely selfish due to her upbringing.

Killer Queen (Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu)

The second oldest of the Three Saints, Killer Queen behaves like her name would suggest. She acts more violently than one can imagine and is waiting for an opponent to appear who is stronger than her.

Angel White (Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki)

The eldest of the Three Saints, Angel White has the most common sense and wisdom of the saints and is always at the mercy of her younger sisters. With the appearance of Hakuto, Luna becomes anxious regarding the fate of her and her country.

Yu Kirino (Voiced by: Rina Sato)

A close associate of Hakuto’s, Yu is a genius doctor and mad scientist. He displays a sadistic side in the game and has enthusiastic fans.

Mikan (Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame)

A soldier, Mikan adventures together with Yukikaze and is always at the mercy of his behavior.

Yukikaze (Voiced by: Sora Tokui)

A fair-skinned magician, Yukikaze is a B-rank adventurer. He is somewhat close with Hakuto and calls him “Oji-san.” He may look like a beautiful girl, but he’s actually a guy.

Zero Kirisame (Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo)

Another character played by Akira, Zero is a man of justice who wears a white biker jacket and fights with overwhelming power. When Akira changes character, Zero goes into auto pilot mode and acts on his own volition.

Momo (Voiced by: Yurika Kubo)

A bunny girl who lives in the same village as Luna, Momo is sharp-tongued and a bit rough around the edges. She talks by adding “usa” to the end of words.

Kyon (Voiced by: Kazusa Aranami[4]

A bunny girl who lives in the same village as Luna and Momo, Kyon helps Hakuto due to him saving her poor crop of carrots. She talks by adding “pyon” to the end of words.

Tron (Voiced by: Suzuna Kinoshita[4]

A young girl who is saved by Zero, Tron can see that Zero and Hakuto are actually the same person thanks to her eyes that can distinguish through color a person’s emotions and soul.

Mink (Voiced by: Chiyo Osaki)

An S-rank adventurer, Mink is a star player of the game. She is a chunibyo priest with an ample chest. Her sinister chanting is enough to amazing anyone around her.

Organ (Voiced by: M.A.O)

An S-rank adventurer her travels together with Mink, Organ wears a hooded cloak and is shrouded in mystery.

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  • Original Creator: Kurone Kanzaki
  • Director: Hiroshi Kimura
  • Series Composition: Ouka Tanisaki
  • Original Character Designer: Makoto Iino
  • Character Designer/Prop Designer: Chiyo Nakayama
  • Art Setting: Tomoko Shimomoto
  • Color Designer: Yukiko Ario
  • Director of Photography: Yuki Okada
  • Editing: Edit Room Yanagi
  • Sound Director: Abe Nobuyuki
  • Music: Shu Kanematsu
  • Animation Production: Ekachi Epilka


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