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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest video 1
Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest video 2

Alternate Titles

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekaisaikyo


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest follows the story of Hajime Nagumo who is transported (termed the “Summoning Incident”) with the rest of his class to a magical world called Tortus in which all of his classmates acquire magical abilities, but him. Having been bullied before and now still average, he decided to prove his worth through trying to escape a dungeon by creating his own weapons using his ability to transmute materials. Along the way he is joined by a vampire named Yue and bunny-eared girl named Shea.


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest began web novel in 2013 and then became a Japanese light novel series written by Ryo Shirakome and illustrated by Takayaki in 2015. A manga adaptation was made in 2016 and has since been serialized on Ovelap’s Comic Gardo. There is also a yonkomo comedy spinoff, prequel novel, and manga adaptation for the prequel novel all licensed by Seven Seas. The TV anime adaptation is set to being airing in July 2019.


Hajime Nagumo (Voiced by: Toshinari Fukamachi)

A highschool student that was bullied and transported with his class to a magical world. He posses very low-level transmutation magic. Betrayed by one of his classmates, he must struggle to escape a dungeon from he very bottom.

Aiko Hatayama (Voiced by: Ai Kakuma)

The Homeroom teacher for the students who experienced the Summoning Incident. She is very responsible and cares a lot for her students. She is skilled in farming.

Shea (Voiced by: Minami Takahashi)

Nicknamed the “worthless rabbit” due to her noisy, overly optimistic, and self-centered personality, Shea is a rabbit person with bunny ears and the ability to see into the future. She experiences character development through the series.

Daisuke Hiyama (Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi)

Daisuke is the leader of the bullies that torment Hajime. He has a huge ego and the ability to cast fireballs. Not a good combo.

Koki Amanogawa (Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara)

Koki is like a leader to his fellow peers because the other students in the class look up to him and consider him perfect given he is attractive, intelligent, and athletic. He has a strong sense of justice but also doesn’t like when things don’t go his way.

Tio Klarus (Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa)

Tio is a masochist pervert loyal to Hajime Nagumo. She is honest and gives good advice. Not to mention, she can turn into a dragon and do a lot of cool elemental magic.

Yue (Voiced by: Yuki Kuwahara)

Also betrayed by someone, Yue and Hajime find each other in a dungeon. She is a loyal vampire with abandonment issue and will keep Hajime safe even if it puts her in danger.

Shizuku Yaegashi (Voiced by: Yumiri Hanamori)

Shizuku is a very smart swordswoman who weilds a black katana. She is one of the student who didn’t bully Hajime Nagumo.

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  • Original Creator: Ryo Shirakome
  • Director: Kinji Yoshimoto
  • Series Composition: Kinji Yoshimoto, Shoichi Sato
  • Original Character Designer: Takayaki
  • Character Designer: Chika Kojima
  • Animation Production: ASREAD, WHITE FOX


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