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With his future still unclear, Riku Haruma enters high school and soon finds himself on the sports grounds captivated by a sport he once played but has since given up; a sport in which the players look like wild animals with their agile movements, high jumping, and fast speed. That sport is rugby.

Akira is a member of the rugby team with a wild personality and brute strength to match. Seeing Riku’s passion for rugby still intact, Akira convinces Riku to join the team. With Riku’s tactical mind and Akira’s excellent physicality, the two are a perfect duo. As Riku reconnects with his passion for rugby, a new light begins to shine on his future.


Try Knights is an original TV anime being produced by Gonzo. It will premiere in Japan in July 2019. The ending theme song is “Moyou” by Ivy to Fraudulent Game.

A manga adaptation is also being serialized in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Gene and currently has three tankobon volumes in print.


Riku Haruma (Voiced by: Shogo Sakamoto)

A first-year student at Souran High School, Riku has a cool personality and hates to lose. His passion for rugby is re-awakened when he sees Akira’s rough and tough physicality. Unlike Akira who relies on his strength, Riku chooses to play using his intellect.

Akira Kariya (Voiced by: Kenn)

A first-year student at Souran High School, Akira has a wild and brutish personality along with a strong fighting spirit to back it up and is blessed with great physicality and reflexes. He drags Riku into the world of rugby. He strengths and weaknesses balance well with Riku’s, making them a good team.

Tomomi Horyu (Voiced by: Seiji Maeda)

A first-year student at Souran High School, Tomomi played volleyball in middle school and joined the rugby club upon entering high school. He respects Riku for his extensive knowledge of rugby. He has teamwork skills which he cultivated playing volleyball and is indispensable to Riku’s tactics.

Pearce Valentine Shotani (Voiced by: Shuta Morishima)

A first-year student at Souran High School, Pearce is a supporter of his school’s sports teams. He is a natural at any sport he tries due to his great physicality and reflexes. He has a keen interest in Akira for having even greater physicality than him and often acts as a hype man for the team.

Seiichiro Nade (Voiced by: Yoshiki Nakajima)

A third-year student at Souran High School, Seiichiro is the student council vice president and the former captain of the school’s rugby team. He excels both academically and athletically and has many admirers around the school. During middle school he taught Akira the joys of playing rugby. Due to a certain incident, he is no longer on the team.

Tori Fuyuhara (Voiced by: Takuma Terashima)

A second-year student at Souran High School, Tori is passionate about rugby and is the team’s current captain. He is the shortest member of the team but has a powerful presence.

Soya Rando (Voiced by: Kohei Amasaki)

A second-year student at Souran High School, Soya supports the rugby team together with Tori. He is equally calm during practice or matches and moves with high precision when necessary. During matches he is keen, but normally he is a bit sluggish and talks in a Kansai dialect.

Keita Oguma (Voiced by: Hidenori Takahashi)

A second-year student at Souran High School, Tomomi is easy going and always has a smile on his face. He is the top player on the team when it comes to sheer power alone, but he’s also kind and cares about those around him.

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  • Original Creators: Senzoku Erisawa, Shunsaku Yano
  • Original Character Designer: Rihito Takarai
  • Animation Production: GONZO


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