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High school girl Haruka Ozora has just moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. Cheerful and positive as she is, Haruka has a bit of a complex over being unusually tall for her age. Haruka’s cousin Kanata who arrives at the airport to greet her has exactly the opposite problem. In fact, she’s had to give up playing beach volleyball owing to being too short. The obvious solution presents itself - Haruka and Kanata decide to partner up as the perfect beach volleyball team!

Anime Adaptation

Harukana Receive is adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Nyoijizai which has been running in Manga Time Kirara Forward since October 2015. The 12-episode anime adaptation premiered on July 6, 2018 on AT-X. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series with English subs while an English dub is also available via Funimation.

Kana Yuki and Saki Miyashita perform the series opening "FLY Two BLUE" in character as Haruka Ozora, and Kanata Higa. The series’ ending theme, "Wish Me Luck!!!”, is performed by by Kana Yuki, Saki Miyashita, Atsumi Tanezaki, and Rie Suegara also in character as Haruka Ozora, Kanata Higa, Claire Thomas, and Emily Thomas, respectively.


Haruka Ozora (Japanese: Kana Yuki | English: Tia Ballard)

Cousin of Kanata Higa, Haruka Ozora has just moved from Tokyo to Okinawa because of her parents’ job. She is a bright and cheerful girl but worries about being tall for her age, finding it difficult to find clothes and shoes in her size. She’s a keen sportswoman, but a total beginner when it comes to beach volleyball.

Kanata Higa (Japanese: Saki Miyashita | English: Sarah Wiedenheft)

Kanata Higa is Haruka’s Okinawan cousin who is the same age as she is. She used to play beach volleyball but was forced to give it up as she was too short. The total opposite of Haruka, Kanata is also quiet and withdrawn. She decides to take up beach volleyball again after teaming up with Haruka.

Claire Thomas (Japanese: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Claire Thomas is a classmate of Haruka’s. Along with her twin sister Emily, Claire has consistently scored well and the pair are currently ranked second nationally. Claire is a bit scatterbrained and tends not to worry about details, but soon hits it off with the similarly easy-going Haruka.

Emily Thomas (Japanese: Rie Suegara)

Emily Thomas is Claire’s twin sister and is in the same class as Haruka and the others. Unlike her sister, she is earnest and level-headed, and the pair often argue affectionately. In addition to volleyball practice after school, Emily is also on the student council. She worries about the bitterness between her friends Kanata and Narumi.

Narumi Toi (Japanese: Miyuri Shimabukuro | English: Felecia Angelle)

Narumi Toi is a student at Fukuchiyama Academy. She was once in a pair with Kanata, but it naturally ended when Kanata decided to give up the sport. Now partnered with Ayasa, she is a high school champion. Nevertheless, she still harbors a grudge against Kanata for leaving her in the lurch.

Ayasa Tachibana (Japanese: Kanae Ito | English: Dani Chambers)

Ayasa Tachibana is a student at Fukuchiyama Academy and the partner of Narumi Toi. She is also the reason Haruka picked up beach volleyball through inviting her to the beach where they practice. Ayasa is cheerful and open, able even to talk casually with first-time acquaintances.

Akari Oshiro (Japanese: Chisa Kimura)

Akari Oshiro goes to the same high school as Haruka. She’s a little bit out of things thanks to having been busy with performing arts and feels isolated at school. After playing beach volleyball with Kanata she decides to join the club herself also taking up the role of manager.

Ai Tanahara (Japanese: Akari Kito)

Ai Tanahara goes to a different high school than Haruka and the others. After being knocked out of an indoor volleyball tournament she decides to take part in the beach volleyball competition to help her friend, Mai. When she went to buy a swimsuit for her uniform, she found herself competing with Haruka and the others…

Mai Sunagawa (Japanese: Riko Koike)

Mai Sunagawa is a student at a different high school to Haruka. Petite, she is grateful to Ai for not treating her like a child and eventually started playing indoor volleyball with her. Mai then started playing beach volleyball at Ai’s invitation. Seeing as she was the sweeper in the indoor game, Mai feels most confident at receiving.

International Streaming

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation

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  • Original Creator:Nyoijizai
  • Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka
  • Series Composition/Scriptwriter: Touko Machida
  • Character Designer: Takeshi Oda
  • Sub-character Designer/Clothing Designer: Shinya Yamada
  • Chief Animation Director: Takeshi Oda, Tetsuya Matsukawa, Yoshiaki Tsubata, Mina Osawa
  • Assistant Director: Hidetoshi Takahashi
  • Special Skill Director: Hiroki Ikeshita, Shigeru Chiba
  • Main Animator: Nobuyuki Matsuo, Shunsuke Takarai
  • Prop Designer: Yoshio Mizumura
  • Art Setting: Shinji Sugiyama
  • Art Director: Mio Isshiki
  • Backgrounds: Studio Wyeth
  • Color Designer: Ryouta Katsuta
  • 3D Director: Junpei Mukai
  • Director of Photography: Yoshito Kuwa
  • Photography: Studio Cyan
  • Editor: Keisuke Yanagi
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Sound Production: Half HP Studio
  • Music: Rasmus Faber
  • Music Production: Kadokawa
  • Animation Production: C2C
  • Opening Theme: "FLY Two BLUE" by Kana Yuki, and Saki Miyashita
  • Ending Theme: "Wish Me Luck!!!” by Kana Yuki, Saki Miyashita, Atsumi Tanezaki, and Rie Suegara


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