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OtapediaLate Night! The Genius Bakabon


Late Night! The Genius Bakabon video 1

Alternate Titles

Shinya! Tensai Bakabon
深夜! 天才バカボン


Bakabon and his crazy dad are back! Bakabon is not too bright and loves making mischief - just like his father, Bakabon’s Papa, who was once a genius but became an idiot after a strange incident where he sneezed a screw out of his head. Now updated to 2018, what kind of bizarre adventures will this pair of fools get up to in the modern era?

Anime Adaptation

Late Night! The Genius Bakabon is adapted from the classic manga by Fujio Akatsuka. The manga has been adapted as a TV anime many times but returns in 2018 after 18 years to mark the 10th anniversary of Akatsuka’s passing as well as the 50th anniversary of the original manga in 2017. The anime adaption was announced by Pierrot+ on April 3, 2018 and premiered on July 10, 2018 on TV Tokyo. Crunchyroll is streaming the series outside Japan.

The opening theme for the 2018 series is “Baka-Bonsoir!" by B.P.O -Bakabon-no Papa Organization-, while Ketsumeishi performs the ending theme, "Kaze ga Fuiteiru.”


Bakabon's Papa (Voiced by: Arata Furuta)

Bakabon’s Papa is the unexpected star of the show. He’s unemployed and the kind of father you wouldn’t expect to end up on TV. Always wearing his trademark haramaki and harumaki, Papa’s favorite food is octopus. He’s always getting into schemes, but as he’s fond of saying, “it’ll be alright.”

Bakabon (Voiced by: Miyu Irino)

Bakabon is a naughty little boy who still dresses in a kimono (without underpants!) even in 2018. He’s the oldest son of the Bakabon family and loves causing mischief with his dad but also has a kind heart, even taking on a shoeshine job to buy his mother a birthday present.

Bakabon’s Mama (Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka)

Bakabon’s mother is a graduate of Kuroyuri Women's University. Some might think she’s the most “baka” of the Bakabon’s for marrying Papa, but however much mischief her husband and son get up to she’s always a good wife and mother to them.

Hajime (Voiced by: Ai Nonaka)

Hajime is Bakabon’s little brother and is something of a child prodigy.

Honkan (Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa)

Honkan is the local, trigger-happy policeman who likes to fire his gun at random. He is also gluttonous and lecherous, and constantly wishes for more money or a promotion despite being a terrible police officer.

Rerere no Oji-san (Voiced by: Akira Ishida)

Rerere no Oji-san is a crazy old man living near the Bakabons who got his nickname because he has a habit of saying “Rerere” about the family’s constant shenanigans. He is most often to be found sweeping the street in front of his house.

Unagi-Inu (Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai)

Unagi-Inu is the unlikely offspring of a cross species romance! His dad was an eel and his mother was a rabbit.

International Streaming

  • Crunchyroll

Official Links


  • Original Creator: Fujio Akatsuka
  • Director/Scriptwriter: Toru Hosokawa
  • Assistant Director: Takashi Yamamoto
  • Character Designer: Takaaki Wada
  • Music: Kenichiro Suehiro, Akihiro Manabe
  • Music Production: TV Tokyo Music, Avex Pictures
  • Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta
  • Animation Production: Studio Pierrot+
  • Opening Theme: “Baka-Bonsoir!" by B.P.O -Bakabon-no Papa Organization-
  • Ending Theme: "Kaze ga Fuiteiru” by Ketsumeishi


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