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OtapediaDropkick on My Devil!

Alternate Titles

Jashin-chan Dropkick


Out of the blue, college student Yukine decides to try her hand at summoning a demon from hell - and so she does! Surprisingly, a demon with a serpent tail named Jashin-chan appears…but after realizing that she has no idea how to send her back, Yukine and Jashin-chan are stuck rooming together in a crappy apartment complex!

Aside from a spell, Jashin-chan knows of one way to return to hell: kill her summoner. Hilarity and pain become a constant cycle in their everyday life, because try as she might, Jashin-chan just can’t seem to finish the job… Who knew a human could be so capable?

Anime Adaptation

Written by Yukiwo, this supernatural comedy has been serialized in the digital magazine Comic Meteor since April 2012. The anime adaptation was announced in December 2017.

The opening theme “Ano Ko ni Dropkick” is performed by the main cast members Aina Suzuki, Nichika Omori, Miyu Kubota, Yurie Kozakai, Chiaki Omigawa, Rico Sasaki, and Riho Miura. The ending theme is “Home Sweet Home!” by Yutaro Miura.


Yurine Hanazono (Voiced by: Aina Suzuki)

Yurine is a college student living in a raggedy apartment complex who loves to wear gothic lolita clothing and watch horror movies. Though she is not without kindness, her blunt and sadistic nature come out in full force when dealing with Jashin-chan. She seems to always have a weapon close at hand.

Jashin-chan (Voiced by: Nichika Omori)

Jashin-chan is a demon with a serpent tail who sleeps in Yurine’s closet. Though she is always considering the next scheme to kill Yurine, her half-baked plans always fail. She can regenerate herself which is both good and bad, because her failed plots always end in pain and mutilation.

Medusa (Voiced by: Miyu Kubota)

Medusa is a close friend of Jashin-chan. When out and about in the human world, she wears a paper bag over her head so she doesn’t go turning random humans into stone.

Pekola (Voiced: Yurie Kozaka)

Pekola is an angel who has no idea where her halo is. As such, she does not have the power to hunt demons and witches or return to heaven. She is currently homeless.

Minos (Voiced by: Chiaki Omigawa)

Minos is a friend of Jashin-chan and a minotaur-type demon who is incredibly strong. She loves to eat meat and is a neighbor of Yurine’s.

Poporon (Voiced by: Rico Sasaki)

Poporon is an angel who is currently living as an idol in the human world since Jashin-chan ate her halo.

Persephone II (Voiced by: Riho Iida)

Persephone II is a demon with a weak constitution who lives with Minos.

Bête (Voiced by: M.A.O.)

Bête is a demon beast that was found by Yurine. He is treated like a dog at Yurine’s insistence.

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  • Original Creator: Yukiwo
  • Executive Producer: Kouichiro Natsume
  • Director: Hikaru Sato
  • Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Script: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, Momoko Murakami
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Makoto Koga
  • Color Designer: Sachie Noguchi
  • Music: Yuki Kurihara, Yuzuru Jinma
  • Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi
  • Sound Production: S-TAR7
  • Animation Production: Nomad
  • Opening Theme: “Ano Ko ni Dropkick” by Aina Suzuki, Nichika Omori, Miyu Kubota, Yurie Kozakai, Chiaki Omigawa, Rico Sasaki, and Riho Miura
  • Ending Theme: “Home Sweet Home!” by Yutaro Miura


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