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In the far future, humanity’s exploration of space has expanded at an alarming rate and arrived at the far side of the galaxy. However, for mysterious reasons, the computer on the space station suddenly goes crazy. It being impossible to stay, the astronauts decide to abandon the space station and return to Earth, but all the tiny bugs they brought with them get left behind in the hurry! With no other option, the bugs decide to make their own escape in the hope of being able to get home alone.

Anime Adaptation

Space Bug is an original all ages TV anime produced by TMS Entertainment which premiered on July 8, 2018. The show airs two 11-minute episodes every Sunday at 10.30 am on Tokyo MX. The series’ opening theme is Wolpis Kater’s “The Journey Home,” while Serena Kozuki sings the series’ ending theme, “Hoshi no Kazu take Arigato.”


Midge (Voiced by: Natsumi Ogawa)

Midge is a sleepy chironomid who was born on Earth and was peacefully having a snooze in Africa when he got frozen and carried onboard the spaceship. He is the leader of the bugs on the ship thanks to his courageous heart and has an extremely strong survival instinct with the ability to beat his wings really fast. Midge also tells stories of Earth to his friends who were born in space and explains its many fine points and places of interest.

Professor (Voiced by: Tomoyuki Maruyama)

The Professor is a cricket who was born in space and knows nothing about Earth but sets off on the journey with Midge and the others anyway. Though he has wings, the Professor is unable to fly and has a little bit of a complex about it. The professor is extremely bright and always acts in a calm and collected manner, but in contrast to Midge he’s a total pessimist so the two often argue. As he knows a lot about space and computers, the Professor is also a great person to turn to in times of trouble and is able to jump really high!

Marbo (Voiced by: Yasuyuki Sano)

A spider, Marbo was born in space like the Professor and so knows nothing about Earth but decides to go with Midge and the others anyway. Marbo is an easy-going big guy who likes his food and is also a bit of a coward, but it seems like there might be a reason he’s so easily scared…You’d be surprised how fast he gets going when a crisis hits!

Ito (Voiced by: Koji Ochiai)

Ito is a frog and one of Geroppa’s henchmen. He’s a bit of a bandwagon jumper and has a nervous disposition, sometimes carelessly running his mouth off. Ito thinks he’s pretty smart and kind of looks down on Kato.

Geroppa (Voiced by: Takahiro Fujiwara)

Geroppa is a frog and wound up in charge of the space station when the humans left. Hungry for violence, he is strong and sturdy. Having eaten all the bugs and supplies on the space station, he is getting bored with space food. Desperate for living prey, Geroppa has his sights set on Midge and the others for his next meal! Geroppa wears an eye patch on one eye and is ambitious, always wanting to see himself as the top of the tree.

Kato (Voiced by: Hideki Tanaka)

One of Geroppa’s henchmen, Kato is a frog who’s not too bright and doesn’t say much. He’s crude but unsurpassed when it calls for action and has become a top kung fu fighter thanks to his trusty cotton swab!

Doctor Humpdy

Doctor Humpdy is a support robot designed for use by the humans on the space station, but the frogs have reprogrammed him to become one of Geroppa’s henchmen. If you ask him a difficult question he has a tendency to repeat the same answer. He might be a robot by also feels himself to be good friends with the frogs.

Ellen (Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)

Ellen is a lady honeybee who became friends with Midge and the others during their journey. She lost her parents and friends in a robot attack and was living alone on planet E2. A strong person who doesn’t show weakness in front of others, there’s also a hint of loneliness in the back of Ellen’s eyes.

Wan (Voiced by: Tomisaburo Horikoshi)

Wan is a tardigrade - a tiny creature of only 1 mm in size. An immortal bug, Wan was left behind in space after an experiment over 100 years ago. After such a long time alone to think about things, Wan has become something of an existential philosopher but came to conclude that the world of thought isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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  • Director: Hiroyuki Nakao, YOON Yoo-Byung
  • Scriptwriter: Hiroyuki Nakao
  • Character Designer: Gurihiru
  • Music: Nobuko Toda, Kazuma Jinnouchi
  • Planning: TMS Entertainment
  • Animation Production: W.BABA, P.I.C.S.
  • Opening Theme: “The Journey Home” by Wolpis Kater
  • Ending Theme: “Hoshi no Kazu take Arigato” by Serena Kozuki


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