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OtapediaOne Room Second Season

Alternate Title

One Room 第2期


Become the protagonist in this anime as you follow the different story paths and get to know this story’s cute and sweet characters! Love continues to blossom in the second season of One Room.

Anime Adaptation

Originally created by SMIRAL with character designs by popular artist Kantoku, One Room takes a unique approach to anime by turning the audience into its male protagonist and guiding him through multiple “routes,” and it is making a triumphant return with season 2 which is animated by Zero-G that began airing on July 2. The ending theme is "Aozora Morning Glory" by M.A.O.


Yui Hanasaka (Voiced by: M·A·O)

A former high school student who comes to Tokyo to take her college entrance exams while living with her older sister. She asks the protagonist to help her study, successfully gets into college, and is now a college student. She puts her all into everything and sometimes overthinks things.

Minori Nanahashi (Voiced by: Rie Takahashi)

A third-year high school student at the age of 17. She loves her grandfather’s bathhouse and helps there every day. She has a brother-sister-like relationship with the protagonist who is a working student. She’s also very sweet, bright, and modern, but she also has a more traditional side that loves history and culture.

Mashiro Amatsuki (Voiced by: Inori Minase)

A 21-year old fourth-year college student. She lives in the same apartment building as the protagonist and frequently talks with him after their strange encounter. Eventually you get to see the side of her that loves cute things.

International Streaming

  • Crunchyroll

Official Links


  • Original Creator: SMIRAL
  • Original Character Designer: Kantoku
  • Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Takuya Tani
  • Animation Production: Zero-G
  • Producer: Ryohei Suzuki, Yutaka Goto, Shuichi Suzuki
  • Original Story: Eiji Mano
  • Scriptwriter: Aose Shimoi
  • Executive Producer: Shinichiro Ueda
  • Backgrounds: Atelier Platz
  • Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto, Shinji Takasuka
  • Art Setting: Mayuko Koyama
  • Color Designer: Atsushi Furukawa
  • Director of Photography: Fumi Nanba
  • Editor: Shun Tokuda
  • Sound Director: Yayoi Tateishi
  • Sound Production: Jinnan Studio
  • Music: Tomohiro Yamada
  • Music Production: F.M.F.
  • Ending Theme: "Aozora Morning Glory" by M.A.O


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