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“Why don’t we try a little adventure?” The VazzRock project was started by the president of Tsukino Talent Production with this single statement. Several years have passed since 12 talented guys were brought together, all of whom have different experience in the industry, come from different genres, are different ages, and have different backgrounds. The guys have worked as duos, best friends, and rivals, bouncing off each other’s personalities and polishing each other’s skills, and now they have formed two units: VAZZY and ROCK DOWN. But it’s not just music - they’ll take on other challenges like dramas, stage plays, and movie appearances too. Worries, wounds, and continuing on regardless. A new shining story is about to begin!


VazzRock the Animation is an upcoming TV anime and the third anime series in the TsukiPro franchise. It was first announced during the “TsukiPro Shohonten” event in November 2020. It is being animated by PRA and features Nobuhiro Takamoto as director, with Eriko Matsuda handling series composition, Natsuo handling animation character designs, and Shuntaro Innami composing the music. The anime’s opening theme song is "Asterism⁂" by ROCK DOWN, and the ending theme song is "Fly High" by VAZZY. The anime will premiere in Japan in October 2022 and will broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS Nippon Television, and other channels.



Sho Onoda (Voiced by: Yukitoshi Kikuchi)
The leader of ROCK DOWN, Sho is a good-looking, world-renowned violinist who has been playing professionally since childhood. Having grown up in a special world, he somewhat lacks common sense and is a bit out of touch with the world, but he shows strength in having survived in a meritocratic society. His frank words have the power to move those around him. However, he is usually very quiet and has a childlike innocence. He also seems to be good at getting others to spoil him.

Haruto Kujikawa (Voiced by: Yoshiaki Hasegawa) (ROCK DOWN)
Though he puts off the image of being a cool guy of few words, he is surprisingly spirited and friendly. He tends to get carried away with his airheadedness and enthusiasm. He has been a good friend of Sho’s since before they formed a unit, and the two take care of each other. He is the youngest member of ROCK DOWN and the group’s No. 2 warrior (Ayumu is No. 1).

Reiji Amaha (Voiced by: Takuya Sato) (ROCK DOWN)
Reiji has done everything from child acting to modeling and is currently focused mainly on acting. He is a duo with Ayumu. Though the two had conflict before forming a unit, since then they have resolved their differences and are now engaged in friendly competition. He is a self-proclaimed individualist, and though he professes to not get involved in other people's lives more than necessary, he is a caring, innocent person.

Ayumu Tachibana (Voiced by: Taito Ban) (ROCK DOWN)
Ayumu is very straight-laced and serious. He is single-minded in his beliefs and is inflexible. Because of his character, he is called "Warrior No. 1.” Since childhood, he has had a complex about his frail constitution and his tendency to be sickly, but this has gradually improved since he began working as a member of the unit. Although he is still forbidden to push himself too hard, he seems to be making an effort at his own pace while making peace with his situation. Since he has been a model all his life, his recent goal is to try his hand at a variety of jobs, including singing and acting.

Gaku Oguro (Voiced by: Takuya Masumoto) (ROCK DOWN)
Gaku is a laid-back guy who goes at his own pace. He is even keel and is seldom upset. He is a skilled cook and is very caring. He is childhood friends with Luca, whom he calls Lu, and is one of the few people who can keep him under control. While he admires Luca’s genius, they are also good rivals who continue to challenge and improve each other, demonstrating their innate competitive spirit.

Luca Nazumi (Voiced by: Keisuke Koumoto) (ROCK DOWN)
Luca is an actor who performs in 2.5 dimensional stage plays. He is a method actor who gets into his roles completely, changing his hairstyle and clothes depending on the role. He is a rare genius who can also perform nichibu, play musical instruments, ride a horse, and more. He is a tricky character who likes to cause trouble and gets those around him caught up in his reckless schemes. He is also the MC of ROCK DOWN and is in charge of publicity.

Satoshi Kozuki (Voiced by: Seiichiro Yamashita)
ROCK DOWN’s manager. He is a young man who was formerly a hero actor. When his former agency closed down, he decided to retire once and for all. He is a gutsy young man who went directly to President Tsukino, whom he met at the office, and succeeded in landing a job. He aims to be a hero behind the scenes.

Rock is ROCK DOWN’s (but specifically Ayumu’s) pet. He is a cat with a striped gray pattern. He and his partner Vazz were picked up together and are living a leisurely life at the Tsukino offices.


Takaaki Mamiya (Voiced by: Tarusuke Shingaki) (VAZZY)
Takaaki is an aloof person with both an adult-like composure and a child-like playfulness. He is quick-witted and sharp as a tack. Although he appears to be a laissez-faire person, he is always watching those around him and often provides casual follow-up. Compared to when he first debuted, he spoils and coddles the members, who have become much more dependable. He sometimes gets into a bad mood but generally seems to be having a lot of fun. He is a former member of the national idol group that included Shiki Takamura of SolidS and Shu Izumi of QUELL.

Oka Kira (Voiced by: Yusuke Kobayashi) (VAZZY)
Oka has been performing since he was a baby and is highly professional and strict with himself and others. Because of his feminine appearance and name, he often shows a masculine side in order not to be taken lightly, and he is a manly man at heart. He tends to be unforgiving the more you allow him to be. He seems to admire Takaaki's dexterity, which is the opposite of his own inflexible nature.

Issa Kizuku (Voiced by: Masahiro Yamanaka) (VAZZY)
Futaba’s older brother. Since childhood, he has been a prodigy at everything regardless of the amount of effort he puts in. As a result, he is a selfish, free-spirited, arrogant, and irreverent type of person, but he is also an innocent man in the sense that he has no hidden side. In his private life, he tends to become more outspoken and less attentive the more he is allowed to be, but as a professional, he is aware of TPO. He was in a band in high school and almost debuted as a professional.

Futaba Kizuku (Voiced by: Yusuke Shirai) (VAZZY)
Issa’s younger brother. He is a sensible type who is pushed around by Issa. He has an extremely mild-mannered, positive, puppy dog-type personality. He also has the mental strength to take his opponents down with the power of his natural smile, and can be relied on when the situation calls for it. He is a good communicator, and his light footwork allows him to have many friends both inside and outside of the unit.

Naosuke Oyama (Voiced by: Tsubasa Sasa) (VAZZY)
Naosuke is a bright and earnest young man who is in charge of hyping up the unit. He is the type to immediately take action when he gets an idea. Though he makes his fair share of mistakes, he is always positive. He is good at playing games, is well-versed with the internet, and is strangely well-informed.

Yuma Shirase (Voiced by: Shun Horie) (VAZZY)
Yuma is a prince both inside and out who is kind and courteous to everyone. He is gentle, firm, and the picturesque honor student, and recently he has begun to show a more robust side that has made him more dependable. Together with his best friend and partner, Naosuke, he has shown remarkable growth and promise.

Riku Takatsuki (Voiced by: Wataru Komada)
VAZZY’s manager. He has an American mother and Japanese father. He was raised in America and is an intellectual who graduated early from a famous university. He speaks respectfully to everyone, and is at best frank and at worst fake polite. Although he often clashes with those around him, he has his own beliefs at the core of his personality, and he is always trying to promote VAZZY.

Vazz is VAZZY’s (but specifically Naosuke’s) pet cat. He and Rock are rescued by Naosuke and Ayumu when they are found in a park being attacked by crows. After begging, they began living in the Tsukino offices. He has a scar on one eye, which he received from protecting Rock from crows.


Opening Theme Song: "Asterism⁂" by ROCK DOWN
Ending Theme Song: "Fly High" by VAZZY

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  • Original Creator/Original Story: Fujiwara
  • Original Character Design: Natsuo
  • Director: Nobuhiro Takamoto
  • Series Composition: Eriko Matsuda
  • Animation Character Design: Natsuo
  • Official Chibi Character Illustration: Koyori Tsuda
  • Chief Animation Director: Minefumi Harada, Yuzuko Hanai
  • Art Director: Scott MacDonald
  • Art Setting: Tsukasa Ohira
  • Color Design: Yukiko Yamaguchi
  • Costume Design: Ayako Oki
  • Prop Design: Hiroshi Ogawa
  • Director of Photography: Atsushi Kano
  • Editing: Hitomi Sudo
  • Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano
  • Music: Shuntaro Innami
  • Music Production: Precious tone
  • Animation Production: Yoshiki Sakamoto (AZ Creative)
  • Animation Production Supervisor: Shinobu Nakagawa
  • Animation Production: PRA