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Alternate Titles

Yusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoshu no Nekomimi Shojo to Deau


“Rein, you’re fired.”
Rein, a best tamer, sets out to defeat the Demon Lord together with a party of heroes. But one day, he is called useless by his partymates and banished from the party. In order to live freely, he chooses to walk the path of an adventurer, and during an exam, he encounters a girl named Kanade being attacked by a demon. He risks his own life to free her, and she defeats the demon with a single blow. It turns out she’s a member of the cat spirit species, one of the strongest species with out-of-this-world power! Charmed by Rein’s kindness and skills, she proposes teaming up, and the two make a contract. Together with his new party member, Rein begins his new life as an adventurer. But what will happen when the heroes who abandoned him and another strong species find out about Kanade’s power?


Beast Tamer started as a light novel series written by Suzu Miyama and illustrated by Subachi that began being published on the user-generated novel publishing website Shosetsuka ni Naro in June 2018. The following year, it was acquired by Kodansha, who began publishing it under their Kodansha Ranobe Books imprint in May 2019. As of July 2022, eight volumes have been published.

A manga adaptation illustrated by Moto Shigemura began serialization on Square Enix's Manga UP! website in January 2019 and has been published in seven collected tankobon volumes as of September 2022.

A TV anime adaptation was announced in June 2022. It is being produced by EMT Squared and features Atsushi Nigorikawa as director, with Takashi Aoshima handling series composition, Shuuhei Yamamoto handling character designs, Hiroshi Tanabe as the main animator, and Arisa Okehazama, Naoyuki Chikatani, and Yuki Hayashi composing the music. The anime’s opening theme song is "Change The World" by MADKID, and the ending theme song is "LOVE&MOON" by Marika Kono. The anime will premiere in Japan on Oct. 2, 2022 on Tokyo MX and will also air on Yomiuri TV, TV Aichi, BS Fuji, and AT-X.


Rein (Voiced by: Shoya Chiba)
Rein is a beast tamer who makes contracts with animals to use their powers as his familiars. He becomes a novice adventurer after being kicked out of the hero’s party. He is a brave and kind young man who is willing to work hard for the sake of others, but his achilles heel is that he is too good-natured.

Kanade (Voiced by: Azumi Waki)
Kanade is a young girl of the cat spirit species, one of the strongest species that is on the brink of extinction. Though she can’t use magic, her physical abilities have evolved to their upper limit. Although she is naive in some ways, she is curious, cheerful, and expressive of her emotions. She is attracted to Rein's kindness and talent.

Tania (Voiced by: Rumi Okubo)
Tania is a young girl of the dragon species, one of the strongest species that rules the sky. She has especially high magical power even among those of her species and uses fireballs and dragon’s breath enhanced by her magic. She is highly prideful and warlike, and though she is a bit overconfident, she is able to act with consideration for her friends.

Sora (Voiced by: Minami Tanaka)
Sora is Luna’s twin sister and a member of the spirit species, one of the strongest species. She is a magic expert who has more magical power than even the dragon species and has learned a great deal of spells. She is a reliable and well-behaved person who takes care of her sister. Her and Luna are responsible for managing the barriers of the Lost Forest.

Luna (Voiced by: Maria Sashide)
Luna is Sora’s twin sister and a member of the spirit species, one of the strongest species. She is the exact opposite of her overly serious sister and is a precocious girl who gets carried away easily. Due to her people having once been at odds with humans, she tends to hide her wings when in public.

Nina (Voiced by: Marika Kono)
Nina is a young girl of the divine species, one of the strongest species endowed with divine power. Her trademarks are her fox ears and three tails. She lives at a shrine deep in the mountains and is known for not usually appearing in public. She is timid and fearful, and is not good at fighting. As a member of the divine species, she is good at spatial manipulation.

Stella (Voiced by: Rie Takahashi)
Stella is the vice-commander of the Horizon Order. She has a strong sense of justice and is a chivalrous woman who performs her duties with conviction. She is a serious person who values order and endures many hardships. She contacts Rein and the others in order to restore the corrupt Order to the way it should be.


Opening Theme Song: "Change The World" by MADKID
Ending Theme Song: "LOVE&MOON" by Marika Kono

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  • Original Creator: Moto Shigemura, Suzu Miyama
  • Original Character Design: Hotosouka
  • Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa
  • Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
  • Character Design: Shuuhei Yamamoto
  • Main Animator: Hiroshi Tanabe
  • Art Director: Hiroto Murata, Kenichi Tajiri
  • Color Design: Tomoko Koyama
  • Prop Design: Rio, Yurika Someya
  • CG Director: Yukie Yamamoto
  • Director of Photography: Daigo Matsumoto
  • Editing: Motoki Niimi
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Music: Arisa Okehazama, Naoyuki Chikatani, Yuki Hayashi
  • Music Production: Nippon Columbia
  • Animation Production: EMT Squared