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OtapediaBoku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e


Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e video 1
Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e video 2
Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e video 3

Alternate Titles



Koyomi Takasaki is a high school student living with his mother after his parents divorced. One day, he is approached by his classmate Kazune Takagawa, who tells him that she has traveled from the 85th parallel world and that in that world the two of them are lovers…


Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e started as a light novel written by Yomiji Otono and illustrated by shimano that was published in June 2016 together with the complementary novel Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e. The novels tell two complementary stories and can be read in either order.

A feature-length animated film is being created for each novel. Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e is being produced by Bakken Record and features Jun Matsumoto as director, with Riko Sakaguchi penning the screenplay, Kano Komiyama, Keiichi Kondo, and Rika Sasaki designing the characters, Kenji Fujisaki, Kenji Shibata, and Yumiko Omae as animation directors, and Takashi Ohmama as music composer. The movie’s theme song is "Kumo o Ko" by Keina Suda, who is also providing the insert song "Rakka Ryusui." Both films will open simultaneously in Japan on Oct. 7, 2022.


Koyomi Takasaki (Voiced by: Tokuma Nishioka)

Kazune Takigawa (Voiced by: Kimiko Yo)

Shiori Sato (Voiced by: Aju Makita)

Koyomi Hidaka (Voiced by: Hio Miyazawa)

Itoko Sato (Voiced by: Miki Mizuno)


Theme Song: "Kumo o Ko" by Keina Suda
Insert Song: "Rakka Ryusui" by Keina Suda

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  • Original Creator: Yomoji Otono
  • Original Character Design: shimano
  • Director: Jun Matsumoto
  • Screenplay: Riko Sakaguchi
  • Character Design: Kano Komiyama, Keiichi Kondo, Rika Sasaki
  • Animation Director: Kenji Fujisaki, Kenji Shibata, Yumiko Omae
  • Main Unit Director: Ken Ogiwara, Susumu Kudo
  • Art Director: Yukari Yasuda
  • Color Design: Haruko Nobori
  • Stylist: Shinichi Mita
  • Director of Photography: Yohei Konishi
  • Editing: Masaki Sakamoto
  • Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi
  • Music: Takashi Ohmama
  • Producer: Tomoyuki Saito, Yukari Tachibana
  • Animation Producer: Yutaka Oomatsu
  • Associate Producer: Jungaku Shishido, Kento Sudo
  • Planning/Production: Kenzo Ishiguro
  • Production: Dentsu Inc.
  • Animation Production: Bakken Record
  • Distributor: Toei Company, Ltd.