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Does the TOM Shop sell adult products?

We do not sell figures, books, or other products that have been specifically designated for adults (age 18 and over) by their original manufacturer, publisher, or creator, or by Japanese trade organiz...

Why do prices on the TOM Shop change sometimes?

The prices for items shipping from our warehouse in Japan may be subject to change without notification due to fluctuating exchange rates. For details on the current exchange rate, please click here.

Can I have more than one TOM account?

Only one TOM account is permitted per person. Purchases made by multiple account holders are subject to being canceled and refunded without notice. Continuing to create additional accounts may result ...

What if my items can’t be gift wrapped?

If you request gift wrapping, but we don’t have a large enough bag that will fit your items, you will still be charged for gift wrapping and we will include our largest gift bag in your package. Howev...

Special Order/TOM Special Creator Products


What is a pre-order product?

Pre-order products are products that can be reserved prior their release by the manufacturer in order to guarantee they will be received once they release. A reservation is placed by completely paying...

TOM Points and Coupons

What are TOM Points?

TOM Points are like an otaku currency usable on TOM shop and recently TOM Projects! Each time you earn TOM Points they become usable on your next order. You can apply TOM Points you've earned towa...

How do I input a coupon code?

To input a coupon code, please first make sure you have a TOM account and are logged in. Next, add products to your cart and then access the Shopping Cart page. On the Shopping Cart page, input your c...

Why can't I use TOM Points on my TOM Shop order?

Some products cannot be discounted with TOM Points. In this case, you will see a warning in red text on the actual Product Page and your Checkout page (under the product’s price) stating that you cann...

When do my TOM Points expire?

TOM Points expire after 6 months from the last time you earn TOM Points. If an Order is placed even a day before that 6-month period is over, then your TOM Points are renewed for another 6-month perio...

If my TOM Points expire, can I have them back?

After TOM Points expire, they cannot be returned to you or re-credited. The only exception is that if you earned TOM Points as a part of item or order compensation and they have expired, please conta...


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