What are TOM Points?

TOM Points are like an otaku currency usable on TOM shop and recently TOM Projects! Each time you earn TOM Points they become usable on your next order. You can apply TOM Points you've earned toward your order's subtotal on the check-out page. TOM Points are non-transferable. All TOM Points expire six months from the last time you earned points. However, the expiration of all TOM Points is reset each time you earn TOM Points.

Note: Discounts such as TOM Points and coupons cannot be applied to shipping fees, and can only be applied to the subtotal of your order. If you use TOM Points exactly equal to your order's subtotal and only pay for shipping, you will not earn any TOM Points for that order.

Note: Some services such as Subscriptions, TOM Premium fees, and certain clearance items cannot be discounted with TOM Points.

For example: If you have 1 month left to use $16.00 TOM Points and you choose to place an order and apply $10.00 TOM Points, your remaining $6.00 TOM Points and newly acquired TOM Points will not expire for another 6 months. You can see your current TOM Points balance here: https://otakumode.com/home/point


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