What are Special Order and TOM Special Creator products?

Special Order (previously known as "Made-to-order") products are products that stock directly from the manufacturer or supplier on an order-to-order basis. Some products may be made-to-order, and some products may be back-ordered items that we only request stock of from the original supplier/manufacturer once we receive an order.

All "estimated shipping dates" for these products are our best estimate for when the product is expected to arrive in our warehouse to be shipped, but are subject to change at any time.
While we only sell back-ordered items which we have confirmed stock with from the supplier, there may be times where items can be delayed or canceled due to stock shortage that was not relayed to us beforehand before someone has already ordered it. If an issue like this occurs, we do our best to contact fans as fast as possible.
If you are worried about your Special Ordered item which has past its estimated shipping date, please contact us and we will do our best to investigate.

TOM Special Creator products are also made-to-order products, but they are also of creations by TOM Special Creators and are exclusively available on the TOM Shop.

Note: Due to the nature of how Special Order items are ordered from the maker, sometimes the maker does not tell us they are out of stock until we actually ask them to order, and this can result in a cancellation of your order.