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Create the perfect atmosphere tailored to your own otaku flavor with all your daily essentials and home goods from pajamas, to bento boxes, to blankets, and more.

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Nekokyu Hand Rest
Home GoodsNekokyu Hand Rest
Panda Sandwich Cutter
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsPanda Sandwich Cutter
Panda Cookie Cutter Set
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsPanda Cookie Cutter Set
Kaomoji-kun Donabe (Kitaaa)
Chopsticks & CutleryKaomoji-kun Donabe (Kitaaa)
$25.99$23.39(10% OFF)
Rilakkuma Soup Bowl
DishwareRilakkuma Soup Bowl
Baby Panda Onigiri Kit
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsBaby Panda Onigiri Kit
Kaomoji-kun Mugs
Mugs & GlassesKaomoji-kun Mugs
$5.49$4.94(10% OFF)
Akabane Illustrated Curtains
Home DecorAkabane Illustrated Curtains
$257.00 - $410.00
Free Shipping
Popup Animal Bread Cutter
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsPopup Animal Bread Cutter
Rilakkuma Mug
Mugs & GlassesRilakkuma Mug
Rilakkuma Plate
DishwareRilakkuma Plate
Kaomoji-kun Two-Tier Bento Boxes
Bento ContainersKaomoji-kun Two-Tier Bento Boxes
$12.99$11.69(10% OFF)
Animal Wrap Cutters
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsAnimal Wrap Cutters
Nico Nico Nori Punch Trio
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsNico Nico Nori Punch Trio
Shirasu-Tai Pencil Case
Pouches & Other CasesShirasu-Tai Pencil Case
Rilakkuma Mug
Mugs & GlassesRilakkuma Mug
Premium Dry Drink Cooler
Cookware & Kitchen ToolsPremium Dry Drink Cooler