How does Discount Shipping work on the TOM Shop?

If the subtotal of an order is at least $150.00 after any discounts or coupons are applied, each shipment in your order may be eligible for Discount Shipping. For an individual shipment to be eligible, the value of a shipment's subtotal (prior to any discounts or coupons being applied) must be at least $150.00. Please note that Discount Shipping applies on a shipment group basis, and not all shipments within the same order may receive Discount Shipping.

Orders that contain only items with blue “Discount Shipping” labels are eligible for Discount Shipping.

Note: You can check the current minimum purchase requirement needed to qualify for Discount Shipping by clicking on the Shopping Cart button on the right.

Japan Warehouse Discount for Shipments Over $150
FedEx International Priority 20% off (Premium members only)
EMS 50% off
Air SPR 50% off
SAL SPR 50% off
Surface Parcel 100% off
TOM Surface Mail (contiguous US only) 100% off
US Warehouse Discount for Shipments Over $150
US Standard Shipping 100% off
US Priority Shipping 50% off
International Shipping (US - Canada) 50% off

Please note that US Standard Shipping and TOM Surface Mail is not available to PO Boxes