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Jul 4 2018NEW Exclusive Evangelion 🔶💚💜
Jul 3 2018[New Figures] Hatsune Miku, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online & more!
Jul 2 2018Love Live!! Sunshine!! Exclusive 💛❤️💙
Jun 30 2018Love Live! Sunshine!! Best seller restocked 💖
Jun 29 2018Just Stocked Items 😆
Jun 29 2018[New Figure] Nendoroid Overwatch Junkrat: Classic Skin Edition!
Jun 28 2018[New Figures] Darling in the Franxx, Is the Order a Rabbit?? & more!
Jun 27 2018May we offer a cushion? 🍌
Jun 26 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Shin Megami Tensei & more!
Jun 24 2018Back in Stock! 📦📦
Jun 22 2018It’s HERE 😍The apparel your inner otaku NEEDS
Jun 21 2018[New Figures] KonoSuba, Legend of the Galactic Heroes & more!
Jun 19 2018The COMFIEST way to get ready for summer 😙
Jun 19 2018[New Figures] Re:Creators, Tawawa on Monday & more!
Jun 17 2018How to score 40x points... 💰💰
Jun 14 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Tokyo Ghoul & more!
Jun 13 2018Gift yourself a Lucky Bag, just because 😘
Jun 12 2018[NEW] Just the summer essentials 😎🍦
Jun 12 2018[New Figures] Eromanga Sensei, Nendoroid Doll & more!
Jun 11 2018Weekly Top Ten 👑 Our most popular products!
Jun 10 2018Unexpected genius comments from you! 😵
Jun 9 2018[NEW] Love Live! Sunshine!! 💛❤️💙
Jun 8 2018We can’t resist this strange Hollow 🍂 🍄
Jun 5 2018Drumroll.. the FINAL coupon deal! 🍒🍒🍒💥
Jun 3 2018About stepping up your Nendoroid game 💙💛
Jun 2 2018Happening Now: 10% OFF J-Fashion 💖
Jun 1 2018He’s bald, wears a cape, and going FAST 💪
May 31 2018[New Figures] Overwatch, Cardcaptor Sakura & more!
May 30 2018Happening Now: Cosplay Coupon Event! 🎩
May 29 2018[MORE POINTS!] Buy 2 or more and get 20x TOM Points!
May 28 2018[Top Ranking] Most Popular Items on the TOM Shop!
May 27 2018Happening Now: Plushie Coupon Event! 💌
May 25 201810x Points ⚡ SHOP WIDE - Points won't last!
May 24 2018[New Figures] Blood Blockade Battlefront, Dead or Alive & more!
May 23 2018Last Day for Cardcaptor Sakura discounts!
May 22 2018It’s heating up with 20x Points ☀️
May 22 2018[New Figures] Fate/Grand Order, Gurren Lagann & more!
May 21 2018Now Happening: Cardcaptor Sakura Coupon Event! 😙
May 20 2018Up to date with our Project? Win $10 bucks! 💵
May 19 2018Need a travel companion? 💛
May 16 2018Scouring the web for this figure? 📦🌎
May 15 2018Adorn your inner Cardcaptor 🌸
May 15 2018[New Figures] Batman Ninja, Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san & more!
May 14 2018The weekly shop showdown #TopTen 💣💥
May 13 2018Find our booth and win $10 bucks! 💵
May 11 201820 signed copies 📙 20 lucky otakus.
May 10 2018[New Figures] Hatsune Miku, Is the Order a Rabbit?? & more!
May 10 2018See you at AX 2018!
May 9 2018A (Very) Friendly Reminder \(>U<)/💕

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