Dog Tired Set

A must-have restful plushie set for dog lovers!

Dog Tired Set 1
Product Name: Dog Tired Set

Set Contents:

  • Premium Nemu Nemu Animals Hug Pillow - Kotarou L

    • Dimensions: 73 x 32 x 18 cm | 28.5" x 12.6" x 7"
    • Materials: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane (outer); 100% polyester (inner)
  • [TOM Exclusive] Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy (Miniature Stafford)

    • Requires: 3 LR44 batteries (test batteries included)

When you’re all tuckered out, cuddle up with these tired pups for a restful nap. Their peaceful sleeping expressions and adorable sprawled out bodies will help put your mind and body into sleep mode. 😴

The Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy of a Miniature Stafford is a TOM exclusive plushie that comes equipped with a heartbeat function that’ll lull you into dreamland. It’s small enough to rest beside your head on your pillow or hold in your hands. Nemuriale plushies are best-sellers on TOM with excellent reviews about their ability to induce relaxation and sleep for people of all ages.

The Premium Nemu Nemu Animals Hug Pillow of Shiba Inu Kotarou is much larger and perfect for cuddling in your arms for a calming effect or resting under your head for a comfortable rest. Combine the two plushies and you’ll be sleeping like a puppy in no time, too! 💤

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