How do you ship packages?

Packages from our warehouse in Japan can be shipped by EMS, Air SPR, Surface Parcel, TOM Surface Mail, or FedEx. Depending on your region and the size and shape of the items in your order, you may not be able to choose some shipping methods. DHL is available for Australia only.

Packages from our US facility are shipped out by UPS for standard shipping or USPS for priority shipping.

If you're looking for information about Discount Shipping, please check How does Discount Shipping work on the TOM Shop?

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several shipping methods may be unavailable. To see which shipping methods are available for your country, please check Available Shipping Methods From Our Japan Warehouse During COVID-19


EMS (Express Mail Service) is the fastest and most reliable form of international shipping offered on the TOM Shop. EMS packages usually arrive at their destination 3 days to 2 weeks after shipment.


*Currently US, CA Only

FedEx is available as a priority shipping method for certain shipments, and typically requires around 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Tracking information will become available when your order is shipped, and will be sent to you in a shipping confirmation email.

TOM Surface Mail

*US Only

As a somewhat faster and far more secure alternative to ordinary individual seamail, we send select packages from Japan to the US via a combination of safe, high-quality, private bulk sea freight + regular domestic UPS Ground. This method requires 2-4 months for delivery.

Shipping via ocean freighter in bulk with the assistance of an experienced partner company (Yamato Global) allows much more control over the safety & handling of packages. All packages are being carefully packed by TOM staff in our Japanese warehouse and safely arranged within 100% TOM-dedicated shipping containers. Once in the continental US, the packages will be shipped & delivered as trackable UPS Ground shipments. Due to certain restrictions with select product types, we may not be able to offer this for all shipments. If TOM Surface Mail is unavailable, Regular Surface Mail will be available instead.

You will receive an email when order is shipped, to confirm that your shipment is on its way. Please note that during the time that your package is en route to the US, you won't receive any tracking information. Once your shipment is about to arrive, we will send a second email with a tracking number when your shipment is passed off to UPS.

Regular Surface Mail

Regular Surface Mail is a low cost shipping method that is available for select orders from our Japan warehouse, and generally requires 3 to 4 months for delivery. However, this estimate may vary depending on your location. Different countries have different restrictions regarding maximum shipment size and due to these restrictions, this method will not be available for all orders.

Tracking information will become available when your order is shipped, and will be sent to you in a shipping confirmation email. Please note that tracking information for packages shipped via Regular Surface Mail will not update for some time after it has left Japan as this method travels entirely over the surface, and you will not see updates while your shipment is on the ocean.

Air Small Packet Registered

Air Small Packet Registered is a moderately priced shipping method that is only available for select orders. Shipments sent via Air Small Packet Registered cannot exceed a max weight of 2 kg, or max dimensions of Length+Width+Height=90 cm. Air Small Packet Registered will not be available for orders that exceed these limitations. Shipments sent via Air Small Packet Registered generally require 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Tracking information for orders shipped via this method will be sent to you in a shipping confirmation email once your order is shipped.