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Taking place in a world where humans and uma musume have lived together peacefully from ancient times, Uma Musume Pretty Derby follows Special Week, a young uma musume who just transferred to TraCen Academy. Building relationships with her teammates through friendly rivalry, she sets out to win the Twinkle Series, a race to determine Japan’s No. 1 uma musume!


Developed by Cygames for Android and iOS, Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an upcoming smartphone simulation game set to release in 2018 in Japan. The characters featured are based on famous Japanese race horses.


The series has two manga adaptations. With original concept by Cygames and Katsumi Nakayama and illustrated by ZECO, Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Haru Urara Ganbaru! ran for 10 chapters from May to September 2016 in Cycomics, a manga application by Cygames. The second and currently ongoing adaptation, Starting Gate! Uma Musume Pretty Derby, illustrated by S. Kosugi, launched on March 25, 2017 in Cycomics.

Anime Series

An anime adaptation jointly produced by Cygames, Toho Animation, and Lantis was announced in spring 2017. It is set to premiere in April 2018 on Tokyo MX, Kansai TV, Saga TV, BS11, and AbemaTV.


Special Week (CV: Azumi Waki)
Birthday: May 2
Height: 158 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 79/57/81 cm
A high-spirited uma musume who moved to TraCen Academy, Tokyo from the countryside. She is in the oldest of the junior classes, Group C, whose members can also enter triple crown races. She is classmates with El Condor Pasa and Grass Wonder as well as the roommate of Silence Suzuka, whom she adores very much. Although her mother died soon after her birth, her stepmother raised her with love and rigorous training. She forms strong bonds with her comrades through the Twinkle Series with her childish innocence and explosive power. Special Week’s aim is to become Japan’s No. 1 uma musume.

Silence Suzuka (CV: Marika Kono)
Birthday: May 1
Height: 158 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 70/53/79 cm
A beautiful but taciturn girl who has a hint of sadness and a mysterious sense of clarity. Belonging to TraCen Academy’s strongest team “Rigel,” her class is one year above Special Week’s. Her special tactic is to get to the front at the start dash and hold her position by running mindlessly. She has been in a slump lately as she has to hold back because of her team directives. She was born to run: Once she starts to run, no one can ever touch her shadow. Her goal is to give a dream to those who watch her.

Tokai Teio (CV: Machico)
Birthday: April 20
Height: 150 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurement: 77/54/76 cm
A cheerful and energetic uma musume whose radiant smile dazzles those around her, Tokai Teio has a unique, light, and springy footwork called “Teio step.” She is determined and cheeky with great pride, but no one tops her enthusiasm for racing. She has no team yet. Her dream is to follow in the footsteps of Symboli Rudolf, the student council president, also called “Otei” (“emperor”). In order to do that, she has to achieve “undefeated triple crown domination.”

Vodka (CV: Ayaka Ohashi)
Birthday: April 4
Height: 165 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 76/55/78 cm
A tomboyish uma musume with a mischievous and cheeky personality, Vodka is in the middle of her rebellious phase. She hates being treated as a child or being made fun of, but under that unruly behavior, she’s a naive and pure-hearted girl. She wants to be acknowledged as a first-class uma musume so badly that her feelings manifest as defiance. She belongs to team “Spica.” She always argues with her classmate Daiwa Scarlet, who is a model student and Vodka’s complete opposite, but in reality, they are comrades and close friends who deeply understand each other.

Daiwa Scarlet (CV: Chisa Kimura)
Birthday: May 13
Height: 163 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 93/56/82 cm
A widely recognized bishoujo and an idolized model student at the academy, Scarlet is the most popular in her class and is known to be kind with everyone. However, under that facade lies a giant sense of pride and a sore loser: Not only does she want to win, she loves dominating the race with her own pace and pushing her rivals to the ground. She belongs to team “Spica,” her biggest rival being classmate and teammate Vodka. They might not say so, but they have a deep friendship of mutual respect.

Gold Ship (CV: Hitomi Ueda)
Birthday: March 6
Height: 170 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 88/55/88 cm
Upon first look, Gold Ship is a super uma musume with beautiful, flowy dapple-gray silver hair, exceptional proportions, and goddess-level beauty. However, under that enchanting exterior, she is violent, brutal, and reckless. Her presence raises an inexplicable tension in her opponents, and she also has a wicked tongue. She belongs to team “Spica.” She pays no attention to what her trainer says, and if she doesn’t feel like it, she won’t take the race or training seriously. Gold Ship loves silly, cute pranks and feels a special connection to Mejiro McQueen.

Mejiro McQueen (CV: Saori Onishi)
Birthday: April 3
Height: 159 cm
Bust/waist/hip measurements: 71/54/76 cm
The daughter of the prominent uma musume family Mejiro, she is proud of her lineage and is envied for her calm, ladylike manner and dignity. She is called the “world’s best stayer” (long-distance runner), but she has to keep a painfully strict diet to keep her balanced, goddess-like proportions. She has no team yet. Tokai Teio thinks of her as a rival, but she skillfully doges her with natural elegance. She feels a special connection with Gold Ship.

Trainer (CV: Koji Okino)
The trainer of team “Spica” is easily flattered. His instructions sometimes feel irresponsible, but he is exceptionally passionate about the Twinkle Series and is dedicated to uma musume. He is an old acquaintance of Hana, the trainer of team “Rigel.” For some reason, he quit being a trainer for a while…

Hana Tojo (CV: Megumi Toyoguchi)
The trainer of TraCen Academy’s team “Rigel,” she is a cool beauty with a stoic teaching style. She won’t tolerate anything that is unnecessary for winning. Her biggest weapon is collecting her own data and coming up with a rational strategy based on it. She seems to be connected by fate with Spica’s trainer, who calls her “Ohana-san.”


Director: Kei Oikawa
Assistant Director: Tomoaki Ota
Series Composition: Akihiro Ishihara (Cygames), Masafumi Sugiura
Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Yosuke Kabashima
3D Director: Motonari Ichikawa
Sound Director: Yuichi Morita
Director of Photography: Tomo Namiki
Editing: Ayumu Takahashi
Music Producer: Taro Iwashiro
Color Design: Naomi Nakano

Animation: P.A. Works
Background Art: Kusanagi
Music Production: Lantis
Sound Effects Production: Half HP Studio


Azumi Waki: Special Week
Marika Kono: Silence Suzuka
Machico: Tokai Teio
Ayaka Ohashi: Vodka
Chisa Kimura: Daiwa Scarlet
Hitomi Ueda: Gold Ship
Saori Onishi: Mejiro McQueen
Yukiyo Fujii: Tazuna Suruga
Koji Okino: Trainer
Megumi Toyoguchi: Hana Tojo

Broadcast Information

Premiering in April 2018 on Tokyo MX, Kansai TV, Saga TV, BS11, AbemaTV
Details TBA

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