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OtapediaJikkenhin Kazoku

Also Known As

Jikkenhin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days
Shiyan Pin Jiating: Frankenstein Family
実験品家族 -クリーチャーズ・ファミリー・デイズ-


This is not your usual family. On a remote island, two mad scientists were running illegal genetic experiments on their own children, sparing only the youngest one. After their parents get arrested, the children—the human-dog hybrid Snow, the plant-human Ashisu, the spider-human Aisuri, the telepath Suishi, and the genius Tanis—are moved to another island to live with the rest of the population. There’s only one small problem: They were never supposed to come into contact with the outside world, and they have no idea about what “normal” is, except for Tanis, and even he learned it from a book! Shiyan Pin Jiating follows these siblings as they try to become a “normal family” to be accepted in human society.


Originally a manhua from the pen of Hong Kong manhua artist and dog lover Yanai, Shiyan Pin Jiating started serialization in Sun Comics in August 2015 with its first volume published on Jan. 25, 2017. The series debuted in Shinchosha’s Comic Bunch in October 2017 in Japan, and is also available to read online.

Anime Adaptation

Produced by Dahuoniao Donghua (Big Firebird Cultural Media Co., Ltd.), the anime series will premiere in April 2018.


Tanis (CV: Riho Sugiyama)
Considered a genius by his parents, 11-year-old Tanis is the smallest of the five siblings and the only one who wasn’t genetically altered. Not only is he generally knowledgeable, he is also a talented inventor well-versed in the medical field. He has been wanting to see the outside world ever since he met a certain person, and the arrest of his parents provided the perfect opportunity. A crybaby with no sense of direction whatsoever, Tanis hopes his siblings will one day be able to fit into society.

The second oldest of the family, Ashisu is a 16-year-old girl enhanced with plant genes that cause her to randomly grow plants on her body. Optimistic and big-hearted, she rarely argues with her siblings. She’s especially close to her twin sister Aisuri.

Aisuri (CV: Nanako Mori)
The younger twin sister of Ashisu, Aisuri was modified with arachnid genes, most visibly manifesting in the four spider legs growing from her back. She loves eating, especially bugs, and she generally talks in a very masculine way. She is a free soul who hates being bound, which often causes arguments between her and Tanis.

Suishi (CV: Yoshiko Ikuta)
The second youngest of the 5 at 14, Suishi’s alteration gave her the power to read minds, but it also resulted in her losing her facial expressions. She doesn’t trust people, and even her family doesn’t know what’s going on in her head. She likes reading and hates crowded places and people with too many thoughts.

Seventeen years old, the oldest of the siblings, Snow was fused with a white dog and can hold three forms, human, dog, and an in-between. There are two personalities living inside him. He’s calm and caring toward his family when in human form, and he’s also supportive toward his younger brother. As a dog, which his siblings named Wan Wan, he’s cowardly and afraid of thunder, although he’s also much smarter than a regular dog due to having Snow’s conscience inside him.


Director: Wei Tianxing
Script: Cai Zhiheng
Character design: Li Xiangmei
Producer: Liang Zhongwen
Sound director: Tomohiro Seki
Planning: Wei Tianxing, Liang Zhongwen, Yang Yucheng, Fang Jiancheng, Tomohiro Seki, Wang Juan, Yan Mengya, Zhao Chong, Yang Jirui, Lin Xuande
Animation Producer: Wei Tianxing, Hiromasa Hiramitsu


Riho Sugiyama: Tanis
Nanako Mori: Aisuri
Yoshiko Ikuta: Suishi

Theme Songs

Opening Theme: "Early Day" by Rin Akatsuki
Ending Theme: TBA

Broadcast Information

Premiering in April 2018; details TBA

Online Streaming


Official Links

Anime Website
Manga Website


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