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Technological advances have significantly changed the scope of the world, even in sectors like martial arts and sports! In fact, the underground world of “Megalo Box” thrives on that very concept, where boxers aim for the number one spot using their own skills and the added advantages of cutting-edge prosthetics. This is also true for Junk Dog, a fighter who earns his living by participating in fixed matches. His irritation with the trade is growing, however, especially since it marrs evidence of his true strength and skill… So when the opportunity to battle the “King of Kings” arises, Junk Dog decides that he must face him honestly to prove his worth to both himself and others.


Megalo Box was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic series by Asao Takamori, Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe)! While time has passed, the spirit of the boxer remains, which is why they’ve decided to depict how boxers might fit into a future of enhanced humans and tech.

A precursor to Megalo Box, Tomorrow’s Joe was originally serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine back in 1968. All in all, it lasted until 1973 and spanned 20 volumes, selling over 20 million copies. Along with several manga and anime series, it even had a few console and arcade games under its name! However, it never had an official release. As a futuristic revival, Megalo Box: Shukumei no Souken began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine on Feb. 17, 2018.

Broadcast Info

Megalo Box will premiere on TBS and BS-TBS sometime in April 2018. The ending theme will be “Kakattekoiyo” by Emi Nakamura.


Junk Dog (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
The main protagonist of the series. Junk Dog is a boxer with his own prosthetics who makes his living by participating in fixed boxing matches. Despite the fact that fixed matches are his source of income, it actually irritates him quite a bit.

Yuri (CV: Hiroki Yasumoto)
The main antagonist of the series. He holds the title of “King of Kings” in the Megalo Box. He fights solely for his sponsor Yukiko Shirato, who also provides him with tech developed by her company Shirato Combine.

Nanbu Gansaku (CV: Shiro Saito)
Nanbu makes a living by arranging fixed matches for boxers and gamblers. He is also quite partial to drinking tons of cheap alcohol. Despite the money he brings in, he’s shouldering a large amount of debt. Surprisingly, Nanbu has enough skill to be a boxing coach, and has taught a few techniques here and there to Junk Dog.

Shirato Yukiko (CV: Nanako Mori)
Shirato is a beautiful woman with magnificent ambitions. She is the sole successor of the tech company Shirato Combine, as well as the organizer of the underground tournament “Megalo Nia”.

Sachio (CV: Michiyo Murase)
Sachio is one of the very many children who live on the streets in the area. However, he is also an expert in mechanics and computers.

Fujimaki (CV: Hiroyuki Kinoshita)
Fujimaki is a dangerous man who operates the main underground gambling ring. Unfortunately for many people, he does not forgive debts easily, and will turn to inhumane and cruel tactics to get owed money back.


Yoshimasa Hosoya: Junk Dog
Notable Roles: Asahi Azumane (Haikyu!!), Welf Crezzo (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)
Hiroki Yasumoto: Yuri
Notable Roles: Sado Yasutora (Bleach), Jin Doumoto (Cheer Boys!!)
Shiro Saito: Nanbu Gansaku
Notable Roles: Ryogen (Musashi), Yu Misudachi (Gatchaman Crowds Insight)
Nanako Mori: Shirato Yukiko
Notable Roles: Emilia (Gundam Build Divers), Angelica (Sakura Quest)
Michiyo Murase: Sachio
Notable Roles: Sucy Manbavaran (Little Witch Academia), Hyoro (Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On)
Hiroyuki Kinoshita: Fujimaki
Notable Roles: Ikuya Ogura (Ajin), Hiromu Hidaka (Robotics;Notes)


Director/Concept & Character Design: You Moriyama (Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone)
Screenplay: Katsuhiko Manabe (Shin Kyuuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh-den Gekitou no Shou), Kensaku Kojima
Tech Design: Youbu Ippei
Art Director: Kouno Jirou (Rainbow Samurai)
Music: Mabanua (Kids on the Slope)

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