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Comedy, Slice of Life


Kaoruko Moeta is a 15-year-old high school student and manga creator who goes by the pen name Chaos. She’s got a lot to learn though, as evidenced by her ranking at the bottom of a reader survey. Under a recommendation from her editor, she enters an all-girl dormitory for manga creators. Her roommates include a shojo manga creator by the name of Koyume Koizuka, a teen romance manga creator named Ruki Irokawa, and a shonen manga creator named Tsubasa Katsuki. Together, the girls support each other as they each strive to become the best manga creators they can be.


Comic Girls began as a four-panel manga written and illustrated by Kaori Hanzawa that made its first appearance in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Max in May 2014 and began its official serialization in the August issue of the magazine that same year.

A TV anime adaptation produced by Nexus was announced in the August 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Max and will premiere in Japan sometime in April 2018. It is being directed by Yoshinobu Tokumoto (Devils’ Line, Amanchu!) with series composition by Natsuko Takahashi (Aikatsu!, Long Riders!), character designs by Keiko Saito (Sword Art Online II, Re:Zero), and Kenichiro Suehiro (Golden Kamuy, Space Patrol Luluco) handling the music.


Kaoruko Moeta (CV: Hikaru Akao)
The series protagonist and a four-panel manga creator who goes by the pen name Chaos, Kaoruko is a 15-year-old high school student with long pink hair which she braids into pigtails. While she’s very skilled when it comes to computers and digital art, preferring to use a Wacom Cintiq Companion, she’s weak when it comes to drawing paper manuscripts.

Koyume Koizuka (CV: Kaede Hondo)
Kaoruko’s roommate, Koyume is a shojo manga creator who goes by the pen name Koisuru Koyume. She has a cheerful and sociable personality and does things at her own pace. She’s bad at drawing male characters and she has an insatiable sweet tooth.

Ruki Irokawa (CV: Saori Onishi)
Kaoruko and Koyume’s senpai, Ruki is a teen romance manga creator who goes by the pen name Bakunyu♥Himeko. She’s clueless when it comes to computers.

Tsubasa Katsuki (CV: Rie Takahashi)
Ruki’s roommate, Tsubasa is a shonen manga creator who goes by the pen name Wing V. She has a tomboyish appearance and a cool personality. To better have empathy for the protagonist of her manga, she never misses out on breakfast and training in the morning. She hates fashion to the point that if she’s wearing something cute she becomes lethargic and can’t draw.

Ririka Hanazono (CV: Aya Endo)
The dorm mother of the dorm where Kaoruko lives, Ririka is a former yuri manga creator who went by the pen name Sonoda Rika.

Mayu Amisawa (CV: Minami Tsuda)
Ririka’s junior, Mayu is Kaoruko’s editor. Though she acts strict toward Kaoruko, she is actually gentle-hearted and cares greatly for her.

Miharu Nijino (CV: Ayaka Nanase)
A former manga club member and Ririka’s former classmate, Miharu is Kaoruko’s homeroom teacher. Though she acts serious and strict at school, in reality she’s a kid at heart.

Suzu Fura (CV: Reina Ueda)
A horror manga creator who is a year older than Kaoruko and the rest of the girls, Suzu is a beautiful girl with good style whose eyes are concealed by her bangs. She enjoys scaring people.

Haruko Moeta
Kaoruko’s mother, Haruko has a youthful appearance and hides her age. She has a gentle personality and writes Kaoruko fan letters.


Hikaru Akao: Kaoruko Moeta
・Notable roles: Lulune Louie (Sword Oratoria), Upierzyca (Märchen Mädchen)
Kaede Hondo: Koyume Koizuka
・Notable roles: Aiko Umezawa (Danganronpa 3), Kanon Kogami (Battle Girl High School)
Saori Onishi: Ruki Irokawa
・Notable roles: Eriri Spencer Sawamura (Saekano), Aiz Wallenstein (Sword Oratoria)
Rie Takahashi: Tsubasa Katsuki
・Notable roles: Megumin (KunoSuba), Emilia (Re:Zero)
Aya Endo: Ririka Hanazono
・Notable roles: Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier), Chitose Ayase (Chihayafuru)
Minami Tsuda: Mayu Amisawa
・Notable roles: Miho Kohinata (The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls), Megumi Yoshikawa (Wake Up, Girls!)
Ayaka Nanase: Miharu Nijino
・Notable roles: Yoshino Koharu (Sakura Quest)
Reina Ueda: Suzu Fura
・Notable roles: Shiori Shinomiya (Sakura Quest), An Onoya (ReLIFE)


Original Work: Kaori Hanzawa (serialized in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Max)
Director: Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
Script: Jukki Hanada, Michiko Yokote, Touko Machida
Character Designer: Keiko Saito
Art Director: Kenichi Tajiri
Color Designer: Akemi Kimura
Director of Photography: Gaku Hirooka
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
Music: Kenichiro Suehiro
Animation Production: Nexus

Broadcast Information

Premiering in Japan sometime in April 2018

Online Streaming


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Anime Website (Japanese)


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