Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures

Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 1
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 2
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 3
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 4
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 5
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 6
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 7
Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures 8

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Product Name: Nendoroid Petite: Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku Renewal Trading Figures

Series: Character Vocal Series
Product Line: Nendoroid Petite
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Katanashi (toytec D.T.C)
Specifications: Box of 8 random painted, non-articulated, non-scale ABS & PVC trading figures with stands included (7 to collect)
Height (approx.): 65 mm | 2.6"


Each box is random, meaning it may not include all of the characters in the lineup and may include duplicates.

Order Limit: 3 per person

Miku and friends are back again with all new outfits!♪
A brand new series of Vocaloid characters is joining the cute articulated Nendoroid Petite trading figure series - Hatsune Miku Renewal! The set includes six different characters all dressed up in the outfits of their most recent versions - including Hatsune Miku V3, Kagamine Rin V4X, Kagamine Len V4X, Megurine Luka V4X, MEIKO V3, and KAITO V3.

In addition there is also one secret character that fans are sure to love! Enjoy the brand new, highly detailed and absolutely adorable figures of Miku and friends in your collection! ♪

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cute, detailed, and high quality

3 out of 3 people found this review to be helpful.

I love the intricate detailing that was put into every figure, and the surprise when opening the blind boxes. There were lots of little things that were added to the characters that were very cute! I also got every figure in the set, with only one duplicate, which is nice! The only thing that's a bit difficult for me is that, as a very weak person, it was difficult for me to attach the figurines to the stands. Otherwise, I absolutely loved this set!

I got lucky!

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

I love these little figures! Not only are they super cute and well-designed, but I think I got super lucky because I actually got one of each figure, including the mystery one! So either the odds are greater than implied or I just seriously lucked out. Regardless, I'd still say these little figures are totally worth adding to any Vocaloid fan's collection. If I had one negative thing to say, it'd be that the arms pop off pretty easy while you assemble them, but they pop right back in so it's not a big deal.

Cute little figures

Each figure is so adorable, and just perfect for my Vocaloid collection! I'm pretty bummed out that I didn't get the pre-order bonus wings as promised, though... I would have loved to own the wings. It was a major priority for my purchase.

05 Sep. 2017[Edited]
Super Cute!

This was my first purchase on Tokyo Otaku Mode, and might I say I am very pleased! The item was packed securely, with extreme care. I was also happy to recieve one of each figure as the comments read, (including the secret figure). My extra was a Luka, which is great because I have a friend who is a big Luka fan!

The petites themselves were amazing!! They aren't as plain as I expected, little details here and there, making each figure really pop out. The paint jobs are not bad at all, awesome! However, the pieces to each petite are a bit hard to pop in place, but it wasn't a BIG problem, just takes a bit of time. It also comes with an extra little figure piece, I ended up g...
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23 Aug. 2017
Great Product!!

I loved the petite characters a lot because of the awesome design that just made them look super cool. Really well done and easy to put together goes great in the room with all my other figures.

Amazing quality, one of the best deals on Nendoroid Petites around

I got all seven available in the set, and each one looks great. They are easily the best looking Nendoroid Petites I have seen. They were also easier to put together than others I have, which is nice because you don't have to worry about breaking any parts as much. That being said, anyone who hasn't put together one of these before, be gentle when possible, they aren't the sturdiest of objects.

The only issue I had is that the arms of some of them were somewhat loose, but this was only an issue when putting them together. After they were put in my display case, it could be moved around and the arms would stay in whatever position I put them in.

Another interesti...
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Erika Baulch
Erika Baulch
03 May. 2017[Edited]
First TOM Purchase Arrived- Very Pleased

I got all the characters in the set, including the secret character! My extra character is Kaito as there are 7 different characters to collect but you receive 8 boxes (so a double is guaranteed!). Great quality and recommend for anyone who loves Vocaloid.

02 May. 2017
Definitely worth the price!

I had been wanting to grab up some Nendo Petites for a while to accompany some of my others. For the price alone this set is more than worth it! As others have said they are very small so be careful assembling them. That said, they are absolutely adorable! My duplicate of the bunch was Kaito, which is great because Kaito is an awesome buddy to have around whilst computing! xD

Super cute~ Great for vocaloid fans!

Small but cute, they fit on my desk well, and the extra little wings make the user even more cute!! Wasn't sure if it would come with one of each, but it does come with all of them, plus one extra for sharing :P

Kc Fabs
Kc Fabs
19 Apr. 2017
Sooo Cute!

These figures are so adorable and very detailed. I mainly wanted this for the Meiko and Kaito figure but the other ones were so cute and nicely made that I wanted to get the entire product! When I saw these were available again I never clicked so fast >V<

17 Apr. 2017
Great buy

Been debating whether or not to get these for a while before this purchase I had only one lone nendo petit. I'm happy I did, unlike other mystery boxes that break my heart with duplicates I got one of each and only ONE duplicate of my favorite vocaloid funny enough. Nice details on these little guys I was impressed. The only con is depending on their pose it can be really hard to get a couple of them to stay on the little stands (especially Luka)

So cute!

So cute, I got one of each. Looking for a place to display them now :)

14 Mar. 2017
So tiny and cute!

Even though the figures are small, they have a lot of detail. Very cute and I almost can't take my eyes off of them.
I thought I would get a lot of duplicates because the description indicates the boxes are random, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive every single one. Was so much fun opening the boxes to see what was inside. 8 boxes total and 7 different figures (if you are counting the mystery one). Everyone is bound to get one duplicate. Mine was Miku and I was able to give her to a friend.
One downside: They are so small that they are a little difficult to put together. The arms fall off easy, so you must be very careful.

Super Cute!!

They are so cute, excellent figures. Thank you!!

11 Mar. 2017

The figures are small, yet the details are so stunning! Some parts do take time and are a little painful to put on though. Still, I got the full set plus the secret character so I'm very pleased with this purchase. Definitely a must-have for Vocaloid fans!