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TOM Staff say...

Usually Alpacassos are standing on all four legs, but these ones are sitting! Their unexpected pose gives them a magical cuteness.

Product Name: Alpacasso Alpaca Backpacks

Character Series: Alpacasso
Manufacturer: Amuse
Dimensions (approx.): 30 x 30 x 20 cm | 11.8" x 11.8" x 7.9"

Order the set of both and receive a randomly selected mini plushie as a free bonus!
Please note that the series and version of the free bonus mini plushies will be selected at random.

Alpaca are pretty darn adorable, and the extra fluffy cuties in the Alpacasso herd are even cuter. But if you thought enjoying a cuddle at home with your Alpacasso plushie is as good as it gets, we've got news for you! (^▽゚*)

You might be thinking that these particular Alpacasso look a little different than usual, and you'd be right - they're actually backpacks! So simply slip your arms through the straps and set off on an incredible adventure with your new friend!

You can choose from Rainbow or Shiro-chan, and each backpack has comfy straps, dazzling beady eyes, and is softer than you'd ever believe! If you can't decide between the two (and who could blame you!), you can go for the set of both!

There's more!

The Ultimate Rainbow Alpacasso Set
The Ultimate Rainbow Alpacasso Set
$381.99$286.49(25% OFF)
$2.86 (1.00% cash back)
Namakemono no Mikke Mattari Hi Sloth Plush Collection (Standard)
Namakemono no Mikke Mattari Hi Sloth Plush Collection (Standard)
$13.99 - $55.99$7.00 - $55.99(Up to 50% OFF)
Up to $4.32 (7.72% cash back)
Alpacasso Kirarin Star Alpaca Plush Collection (Ball Chain)
Alpacasso Kirarin Star Alpaca Plush Collection (Ball Chain)
$10.99 - $43.96$5.50 - $43.96(Up to 50% OFF)
Up to $1.74 (3.96% cash back)
Rainbow Alpacasso Alpaca Plush (Super Jumbo)
Rainbow Alpacasso Alpaca Plush (Super Jumbo)
$241.99$145.19(40% OFF)
$30.48 (20.99% cash back)
Alpacasso Alpaca Plush Collection (Standard)
Alpacasso Alpaca Plush Collection (Standard)
$13.99$7.00(50% OFF)
Up to $0.77 (11.00% cash back)

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37 product reviews
26 Jun. 2017[Edited]Permalink

I preordered the rainbow one in June, and to my surprise it showed up in the mail today! I pulled it out, and my initial reaction was "whoa, this is bigger than I thought." My secondary reaction was "OMG SO FLUFFY!" His fur is long, but kinda thin. You can see through it in places, but he's super soft. He holds a lot more than I was expecting, making him a surprisingly practical backpack. He's also adorable, his little stubby legs and fat butt are to DIE for, and his face is too cute! He even has a little stubby tail. His colors are soft and really pretty.
Edit: I've used my backpacasso a lot, and he's very sturdy and has held up well! To keep him loo...
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I'm wearing it right now. And i love it.
28 Jul. 2016Permalink

While I'm wrighting this review I'm excually wearing the rainbow backpack.
This was one of my first introductions to alpacasso and I AM REALLY SUPPRISED BY THE QUALITY. It has more room in it then i had expected. You can change the length of the cords acording (dadum tsss) to your liking, I just felt like mentioning that little detail because it's really helpfull to me. it also has a little lus in the back where the other cords connect so that you can hook it onto something, that's really something I like in this backpack, everything blends well together. I would recommend this to everyone that likes cute, sweet and high quality plushies (like me) and has some spare room ...
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Holy Bloody Hell, These Are Incredible
27 Jul. 2016Permalink

Received both backpacks in the mail today. I was so damn impressed by the quality of the plushies and by the size of their inside compartment! I was able to fit my 3DS inside! Cool! Really looking forward to getting weird looks in public when I decide to tote one of these around. Definitely worth the money!

Alpaca Backpacks
12 Sep. 2016Permalink

I recently purchased the set of two Alpaca backpacks so I could have one and my sister could have the other. They are just amazing! I am especially happy with the quality. Their fur is very very soft and their faces and bodies are well made. The straps adjust nicely. They are a pretty decent size as well. They aren't big enough to hold books like a school backpack but they fit smaller objects like your phone and keys with room to spare!

So lovely!!!
07 Sep. 2016Permalink

I've been using this bag so much; it's not just cute but it can hold a surprising amount of stuff! I stuff this baby with all my essentials and I'm good to to go! And the straps are pretty cozy too and fit me well! ^_^

Instant Love!
15 Aug. 2016Permalink

I absolutely love my rainbow alpacasso backpack! :3 It's super-soft, like I expected. What I didn't expect is the little storage room, but it's enough to fit my thick army wallet, my smartphone, and a few other little necessities to run errands.

I just received the backpack, is super cute and the shipping was really fast, I love it!

Super Fluffy and Cuddle-Perfect!
03 Nov. 2016Permalink

The backpack is super fluffy and soft-- perfect for wearing or cuddling. The adjustable straps can be either very short or very long. The pocket is indeed a bit on the small side; it's a little bigger considering the shape of the backpack. I was able to fit a small wallet, my glasses case, and a pack of mints in there~

21 Sep. 2016Permalink

Very happy with TOM... Shipping and service is so fast. The backpack is so well made.

My newest super cute bag
16 Sep. 2016[Edited]Permalink

This backpack is so cute I don't know if I can handle it I just love the colors and the look and the feel of that since we have a superior quality the most plushy backpacks that I've come across

02 Sep. 2016Permalink

Kawaii! so cute and so fluffy!

21 Aug. 2016Permalink

They are adorable and cute!

18 Aug. 2016Permalink

Absolutely amazing buy~ super cute and fluffy and you can accessorize so well with them! They can be both plushie for deco and back pack babies!

It's so fluffy!
14 Aug. 2016Permalink

I totally love it. The deliver was very fast.
It came in a moderate package, so the alpacasso did not loose it super cute appearance.
For everyone who loves cute things, it's highly recommended :D

I love them
11 Aug. 2016Permalink

I got both! They are so fluffy and cute! Perfect!!!