Which Anime Class Would You Go on a School Trip With?

Which Anime Class Would You Go on a School Trip With?

School trips are always a big event in the anime world, providing a great opportunity for classmates to grow closer away from home, not to mention a convenient episode to show them getting into all sorts of shenanigans in a different setting. Anime!Anime! held a survey to find out which class from recent anime fans would most like to go on a trip with, so let's find out who made the cut this year!

9. Otonokizaka High School, Love Live!
9. Ryouou High School 3-B, Lucky Star
9. Teitan High School 2-B, Detective Conan
9. Kamei High School 3-C, Sket Dance
9. Misora Elementary School 6-1, Ojamajo Doremi
7. Uranohoshi Girls' High School, Love Live! Sunshine!!
7. Honnouji Academy, Kill la Kill
6. PK Academy, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
5. Soubu High School 2-F, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
4. Fumizuki Academy 2-F, Baka and Test

Sounds like a great time so far, right? Who wouldn’t enjoy a lovely musical trip with the μ’s girls or solving a mystery alongside Conan and friends? However, there are three classes that fans deemed to be even more fun, so let's find out!

3. U.A. High School 1-A, My Hero Academia

U.A. High works its Quirky charm to roll in third with 7% of the overall vote. Training the superheroes of the future, this school is home to the originally Quirk-less Deku who dreams of becoming a real life hero. A trip away with these guys might get dangerous but definitely won't be boring!

2. Gintama High School 3-Z, Gintama

Gintama’s comedy high school spin-off 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei gets a grade B coming in second. Parodying classic TV drama Class 3-B Kinpachi-sensei, the series features Gintoki becoming a high school language teacher, so you’re sure to learn a thing or two from the man himself on an Edo-era themed school trip.

1. Kunugigaoka Junior High School 3-E, Assassination Classroom

It may be a bit of a daunting task, but fans seem keen to help the no-hopers of class 3-E defeat the mysterious Koro-sensei on what's sure to be an eventful school trip! At 26% of the vote, Assassination Classroom takes the top spot with the mysterious space alien Koro-sensei challenging his “difficult” class to assassinate him before they graduate in order to avoid the destruction of the Earth. So, no pressure? They’d definitely deserve a nice vacation if they manage to save us all from certain doom.

Did your favorite class make it to the top? If you think someone’s missed the bus be sure to let us know!

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!


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