So Now You’ve Even Got to Look Out for “Occult Harassment” from Ghosts?

There are so many new words busting out right now but the term “occult harassment” (okahara) is gradually becoming a hot topic on Facebook.

“Ghost,” “demon,” “vengeful spirit” - we’re talking about a world which isn’t visible to ordinary humans.

In the opinion of chatty talkers online, things like late night sleep paralysis and bedside cries are all down to late night visitations. Clearly, if you’re affected by irrational sleep disturbances, this might be the reason. The mortal world laments this breach of good manners and says “you should address these problems in the spirit realm!”

Also, even in regards to those affected by vengeful spirits, depending on the nature of the problems caused, the ability to recognise it as irrational is being discussed as something which has changed a little in people’s way of thinking. When you say v…vengeful spirits…maybe they’re something you can get rid of fairly easily?

You can see it’s becoming more popular as a topic of discussion, but because there’s been a strengthening in the protection of human rights against sexual harassment and power harassment, okahara can help you interpret irritating things like sleep paralysis as things which happen at night, sleep disturbances as home invasions, demonic possessions as privacy invasions, and stuff like things lurking behind the shampoo means being threatened in the bathroom.

The spectre of okahara may have been raised, but you can’t definitely say it’s all down to ghosts and the spirit realm. Even so, from the perspective of people commonly referred to as “psychics,” as long as you make sure to bring the problems up and talk about them you’ll start to feel so much better. It might just be a good idea to take this opportunity to try and talk thoroughly about the fundamental nature of okahara!

Source: Otakuma Keizai Shimbun
Words: Hidel
Photos: Shashin AC Clay Art

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