WAO! Head Over to WAO-RYU! TV Where Misako Aoki Guides You on Perfecting Your Lolita Makeup!

Are you ready to be the cutest in the room? Then you might want to navigate your way to YouTube, where Kawaii♡Pateen is airing! Managed by WAO Corporation, the channel is hosted by WAO-RYU! TV and is geared towards foreigners interested in learning how to perfect the art of lolita makeup.

■ Title: Misako Aoki's Lolita Makeup for Beginners
■ Hosts: Misako Aoki, China

Those who decide to tune in and expand their knowledge of easy-to-do makeup and hairstyles for lolita fashion will be in capable hands - Misako Aoki is an official Kawaii Ambassador appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and constantly featured in magazines like Kera as the “charisma of the lolita world,” while her assistant China is a high school YouTuber in love with lolita fashion!

Enhance your adorable lolita looks by trying your hand at complementary makeup! Become skilled at an art that can be both super cute and easy! Channel your inner Misako Aoki! This is a channel for those beginners searching for valuable and easy-to-follow references. Plus, watching is easy, since it’s available on YouTube!

**About WAO-RYU! TV**
WAO-RYU! TV is a webcast aimed towards foreigners that debuted in 2013. They report on popular Japanese subcultures (otaku culture, kawaii culture, etc.) for audiences all throughout the world. Reaching over 225 different countries, and with over 50 million views, their fanbase has been steadily increasing over the years. (Viewership count updated as of April 2016.)

■ WAO-RYU! TV Website: http://waoryu.jp/

**About Kawaii♡Pateen**
Kawaii♡Pateen is a channel on WAO-RYU! TV that helps depict the coolness of Japan through fashion and cuteness. Concepts like the cute fashions and cosplay culture that take Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara by storm are reported on in English for viewers.

■ Kawaii♡Pateen YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/KawaiiPateen

**About WAO Corporation**
WAO Corporation, which started out managing tutoring schools, shifted their focus to expanding more educational, entertainment, solution, and life-advice enterprises throughout the entire country.

■ WAO Corporation Site: http://www.wao-corp.com

Source: PR TIMES

WAO! Head Over to WAO-RYU! TV Where Misako Aoki Guides You on Perfecting Your Lolita Makeup! 1

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