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Sushi Socks
Sushi Socks
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Arrived vrey quickly, my friends laughed when they saw them :D

Super cute
04 Apr. 2016Permalink

These were super cute! They're also very durable. I wish I could wrap them up in the same way they came in though...

Great gifts for friends
31 Mar. 2016Permalink

Friend was consfused how on how to make it back into a sushi, it was worth the purchase.

Sushi socks
17 Mar. 2016Permalink

The socks are really cute and good quality. But the problem is I didn't see a size chart and I thought maybe it's one size fits all.. But it's not. Its kind of tight and I don't have super thin legs; and they're not huge either. The socks don't really stretch and I wish they had sizes you could choose from.

Adorable and comfy!
04 Mar. 2015Permalink

Gave these socks as a gift and they were a hit. Adorable and comfy.

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