Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses

Designed and made with care in Japan

Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses
Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses
Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses
Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses
Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses

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Product Name: Hatsune Miku V4X x Washin Palette Computer Glasses

Series: Hatsune Miku
Brand: Washin Palette
Style: Hatsune Miku V4X
Specifications: PC glasses with colorless blue light-cutting lenses
Frame Material: Acetate
Frame Size: 54/17/137
Made in Japan

From the high-quality Japanese eyewear brand Washin Palette comes these exceptionally crafted collaborative computer glasses thoughtfully designed after Hatsune Miku V4X. Each pair has been carefully made in Japan and will last years with proper care.

To reduce eyestrain they’re equipped with lenses that cut blue light emitted by LED TVs, LED lights, smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors. They also can be switched to prescription lenses by your optometrist. Their comfortable frame (54/17/137) is made of lightweight acetate.

But what counts as much as their quality is their appearance and their simple frame as well as their subtle, stylish details designed after Hatsune Miku V4X that make them wearable every day by anyone. They feature arm sleeve inspired temples, a black and transparent teal color scheme, an "01" on the left tip, and her new tie pin on the right. You’re sure to be complimented on their unique, yet refined look, and odds are they’ll become your favorite pair to wear.

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13 product reviews
Details that makes the difference !!
12 Jul. 2017Permalink

First, the case. It's very sober and so, stylish. It holds in place without problems. The way you open it ( it's closed by a magnet and you partly recover the case with it) is super smart and handy.

In it, you have a cloth with the iXima design of V4X Miku with the glasses. I found this detail super cute. The cloth is large so there will be no problem to clean entirely the glasses with it.

And then, the glasses. They are gorgeous. The details on the frameworks are exactly the same that what is displayed. The tie pin and the 01 number are perfectly made, with no smudges or stuff like that. They fit the face (at least mine) without problems, no risk that they fall off...
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Favourite pair of glasses
10 Jul. 2017Permalink

First, about the packaging. I really like how it was being packed in order to protect the item, and how the item was sealed.

Second, about the item. This pair of glasses is my favorite pair of glasses. Everything about this glasses was stated clearly in the description. I especially like the color of the frame of this pair of glasses. Personally it fit me well, comfortable to wear with. The cleaning cloth that come with it, the illustration on the cloth is just so cute~

A very great pair of glasses~!!!
04 Jul. 2017Permalink

From the packaging to the product itself, everything about it is absolutely great! The box is themed after Hatsune Miku v4x illustrated by iXima which is very cute and stylish. The glasses case is very durable and solid with its brand "Washin Optical" on its left corner and the inside is protected with cotton-like cloth to prevent scratches or damages to the glasses. It also comes with a Hatsune Miku v4x glass cleaner and its very authentic. Then the glasses were very refined, the manufacturing of the product is very solid and its design were thoughtfully engraved. I haven't tried its lenses though, because I immediately had it changed with prescription lenses. Its elegance and...Read moreClose

Another good pair of glasses
03 Jul. 2017Permalink

First thing is that I recommend this to any Miku fans out there. I gave this pair of glasses this rating because I really do like them. They are unisex computer glasses. They have a nice tint of yellow to cancel the blue light that computer and other high spec. screens give off. As stated before they are unisex but the appeal for them I believe is aimed at males but if I was a woman I would still buy them. The blue color gets transfer to black color. As seen in the picture, the blue in the back is see through then the rest is black and solid. Like any new glasses there is a snug feeling but over time they feel loose, this feeling took three days for me since I don't use it often because ...Read moreClose

29 Jun. 2017Permalink

The glasses is great I love it the packaging is awesome. Worth the money!!

Coolest Glasses ever
09 Jul. 2017Permalink

Nice design and good package!

Awesome glasses
04 Jul. 2017Permalink

The glasses are comfortable to wear.

Miku Glasses
04 Jul. 2017Permalink

They look really nice, but the material is not as sturdy as I thought it would be, I haven't damaged them but they feel like they will break at any moment.

The cleaning cloth it's really cute too.

Hatsune Miku V4X Glass
01 Jul. 2017Permalink

Shipping procedure is very fast. And I receive the glass in the second week from the released date.
Otaku Mode is one good channel to get the Japanese anime products.

A piece with elegant style and useful application.
19 Jul. 2017Permalink

This is certainly a beautiful pair of glasses. I use them at work on a daily basis. The effect that they have had on my eyes is definitely noticeable considering I stare at a computer screen for 90% of my workday. In addition to that, I've received several compliments from family, friends, and co-workers alike on how they look. I'm a guy with a huge head and they fit me just right. No headaches or pain from the arms digging into my temples. I strongly recommend these for anybody who is a fan of Miku, or just wants a pair of fashionable computer glasses!

19 Jul. 2017Permalink

The Miku V4X computer glasses are amazing. They fit very well on my face and look fantastic. They came in a nice hard case with magnet to hold shut. Included was a nice cleaning cloth with the classic Miku (with glasses on) printed on the cloth. Great choice in glasses for any meganekos out there. I would recommend to anyone.

Fit exceptionally well, with a lovely cleaning cloth and really swish case
17 Jul. 2017Permalink

As somebody who really wanted the PD-001 glasses when they were on sale but couldn't buy them I pounced on these. I compared the frame size to my prescription glasses and it matched, I'm happy to say that they do indeed fit perfectly.

The glasses came in their case, in a display box, in a cardboard box, surrounded by bubble wrap in another box. Thank you TOM for packaging these exceptionally well. They arrived in immaculate condition.

The glasses look exactly like the pictures, they have satisfying weight to them and are nice to wear. The cloth is a fairly thick micropore style cleaning cloth with a lovely Miku design on it. The case is a quite large black smoo...
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Miku Glasses
10 Jul. 2017Permalink

Honestly I was in the middle of buying these but man I'm glad I did. They look really nice and feel really nice. I'm in the process of getting my prescription in these