Dark, sultry art with bold concepts and a bonus CD for your listening pleasure~

by ohagi

Enchant 1
Enchant 2
Enchant 3
Enchant 4
Enchant 5
Enchant 6
Enchant 7
Enchant 8
Product Name: Enchant

Specifications: Doujinshi art book with CD (7 songs)
Book Size: B5 variant
Number of Pages: 16 (full color)
CD Tracklist:

  1. Retro Future Fake Show
  2. Sakashima no Libera
  3. Sugar Sweet
  4. Logical Effect
  5. I'll See You
  6. Amaoto
  7. Hitasura ni Wana o Hare

Inspire yourself and peak that artistic creativity with this doujinshi art book titled Enchant. Drawn by illustrator Ohagi, the name itself is quite fitting with 16 full color pages that leave an impression with its bold concepts and dark but sultry model-like women. It even comes with a bonus CD that has 7 songs, which takes the feeling of art to a whole other level.

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