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Product Name: milklim Winter Holiday Pack

Brand: milklim
Available Colors:

  • Light Pink Shorts + Yellow Cotton Candy Sweatshirt
  • White Shorts + Yellow Cotton Candy Sweatshirt
  • Mint Shorts + Yellow Cotton Candy Sweatshirt

milklim is a rising Japanese fashion brand dedicated to all kinds of pastel-colored cuteness! This tasteful coordination of milklim items was handpicked by the milklim staff especially for Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop!

Personally selected by our friends at milklim, every item will leave you feeling pretty in pastel! Every Winter Holiday Pack comes with a Yellow Cotton Candy Sweatshirt, paired with adorable milklim shorts. There are three different versions, and each version includes a pair of different colored milklim shorts. Pick the classic light pink, snowy white, or candy mint! The items’ collective value is guaranteed to be worth more than the set price, an amazing deal that you won’t easily find elsewhere! Perfect for a fun and girly look, wear these items together or mix and match from your wardrobe!

This is an authentic milklim item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

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8 product reviews
Great Deal!
06 Jan. 2016Permalink

I got the Mint Shorts version of this set and it's such a good deal! The sweater is the classic Milklim cotton candy sweatshirt, which I already owned in pink, so the yellow version is a great addition to my wardrobe. The shorts are very soft and comfortable! I'm very excited to wear both pieces!

Perfect for Fairy Kei
07 Jun. 2016Permalink

So happy to finally own my dream sweatshirt. The shorts are super soft and comfy too uwu

Don't put the sweatshirt in the dryer though, I accidentally did and now the print on the sweatshirt has begun splitting ono

27 Apr. 2016Permalink

As usual milklim's products are a bit over-sized on me (but i'm quite petite anyway), but still really comfortable, light-weight, and cute nonetheless <3 Though the waistband of the shorts is surprisingly small compared to the fit of the sweater. Really great value for the set, and the beloved cotton candy sweater :)

Very good
02 Mar. 2016Permalink

Just like in the pictures, very good quality! The print in the sweater is very colorful and cute, the shorts are very cute and fluffy and they fit well. I'd recommend it to everyone that wants cute, comfortable clothes. The sweater has enough room to fit even bigger sizes, too.

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

The shorts were big and fluffy and the sweater was so comfy and oversized! Thank you!

Milklim Holiday Pack
01 Feb. 2016Permalink

I LOVE the sweater so much, it's become one of my staples!

Actually fits/super cute
31 Jan. 2016[Edited]Permalink

When I bought this item I thought it would be way too small but it's actually pretty big which I love, the shorts are a bit big too (I got the pink set) but they're still really cute! I'm very happy with my purchase.

1st Milklim review!
26 Jan. 2016Permalink

Absolutely enjoyed this pack! I purchased this along with another sweater and I'm not disappointed at all! My favorite item is actually the shorts, which I did not think I was going to like that much since I mainly bought the pack for the "Cotton Candy" sweater, but I was thoroughly surprised.
The shorts are extremely plush and comfortable, almost similar to pajamas (but I'll try finding a more efficient way to use them). The only nitpick I would have is that I find the stock image of the shorts to be misleading, since the backpockets of the shorts are actually pink, not red.
As for the sweater, it's super colorful and cute, but still quite comfortable to wea...
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