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Product Name: Graphical

Creators: Akiakane, Ohagi
Specifications: Full-color doujinshi art book
Book Size: B5
Number of Pages: 16
Language: Japanese
Bonus: Large postcard

Graphical is the original collaborative illustration book created by Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator Akiakane and Ohagi. The all new, full color, B5-size 16-page book takes the theme of movies the artists like and comes with a special bonus postcard too!

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08 Aug. 2016
A little disappointing.

I LOVE the artist. I only own one of their art books (that I can find on TOM - the music disc and at least 100 pages). But this is not an art book. It doesn't have a lot of art inside and is the same quality as a few page comic. I still love and value it like an artbook; it's just as the description included. Still a very beautiful 'book'


The shipping took quite a bit of a long time, but nonetheless, it was totally worth it! The illustrations also look pretty cool! However, the book is pretty short though, so beware.

15 Mar. 2016

The first thing I noticed while browsing for art books was - Akiakane!!! I love their works and so of course I ended up buying this!
Definitely worth it! A collab between amazing artists, one of whom I absolutely adore, yes!!!

Colorful and great variety~

The book came in perfect condition. I honestly bought this book after just looking at the cover and didn't realize Aki Akane was part of it! Seeing her pieces in here was a really pleasant surprise. All the artworks are super vibrant and have a nice physical feel to them. It's a small artwork, but it's worth it, plus that bonus print is super nice.

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