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Product Name: ANALOGHACK

Cover Illustrator: redjuice
Participating Artists: Asagiri, Masaki Arakawa, Wednesday, Atsuya Uki, Ame Kurasuba, Zain, Dangomushi, Chamooi, toi, Tokiya Sakba, Torako, Yuta Nishio, neco, noraico, mizu, Minasenayu, Yurinko
Publisher: Unicorn
Publication Date: Dec. 28, 2014
Specifications: A4 size, 52 pages, full color
Language: Japanese
Launched at Comic Market 87

This excellent compilation art book features several of your favorite illustrators taking a look at the science fiction world of BEATLESS. Other than redjuice himself, the original illustrator of the light novel series who has also provided the cover, each of the other artists has been given a free reign to tackle this rich sci-fi universe. With 18 specially picked artists including: Asagiri, Masaki Arakawa, Wednesday, Atsuya Uki, Ame Kurasuba, Zain, Dangomushi, Chamooi, toi, Tokiya Sakba, Torako, Yuta Nishio, neco, noraico, mizu, Minasenayu, and Yurinko, ANALOGHACK is the must-have volume for fans of this popular light novel franchise.

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Size Chart

SizeWidth x Height (mm)Width x Height (in)SizeWidth x Height (mm)Width x Height (in)
A0841 × 118933.1 × 46.8B01030 × 145640.6 × 57.3
A1594 × 84123.4 × 33.1B1728 × 103028.7 × 40.6
A2420 × 59416.5 × 23.4B2515 × 72820.3 × 28.7
A3297 × 42011.7 × 16.5B3364 × 51514.3 × 20.3
A4210 × 2978.3 × 11.7B4257 × 36410.1 × 14.3
A5148 × 2105.8 × 8.3B5182 × 2577.2 × 10.1
A6105 × 1484.1 × 5.8B6128 × 1825.0 × 7.2

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13 Aug. 2015[Edited]

4 out of 4 people found this review to be helpful.

I've always been a BIG fan of redjuice, but for some reason I didn't get into Beatless until I received it's artbook set. His work is just beautiful! I love his style and the way he does the eyes. He manages to make every girl cute and sexy at the same time. This set was extremely satisfying. The quality of this book is amazing. Easily something I would call precious. Totally worth the buy!

15 Feb. 2015
Amazing product a must have for redjuice fans!

3 out of 3 people found this review to be helpful.

Recommended for all redjuice fans and collectors. contains really great art !

20 Jan. 2017[Edited]
Worth is $10.

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

I'm a big fan of Redjuice. Shirow Miwa (back when he was 119), etc. When TOM had his other artbooks, and S+H alone was $20, I paid for it. Worth every dollar.

This art book, despite what other reviews state, is only worth $10, at most. If I paid $17, I would had been disappointed. I paid $24 for Squad and Neutral officially. And the artwork is vibrant and very beautiful.

Some of the works here, as the description states, is of Beatless, which sorry for the artists, but some Pixiv works IMO are better. There were only three illustrations I really liked.

Check out More Heroes and Heroines Game & Anime Character Design Book instead.


It came in bubble wrap and nestled in paper. The packaging was very neat and arrived quite quickly. It took approximately 8 days before I received my copy. I'm from the Philippines btw.
However their so called gift wrap isn't gift wrapping paper but rather a large canvas bag with a ribbon.
As for the price, I don't think the item is worth the amount. It could've sold for a little less since it's not a very thick book and composed of only a handful other artists.
Nevertheless if you're a fan of Redjuice you will absolutely be stunned by the contents and artworks here. You'll definitely need it in your collection

is just what you expect

like i said is not a big artbook but every page is beautiful totally worth it if you love red juice's art

30 Jan. 2017
Awesome artwork

Love the artwork, it may have less pages, but I really love it

NIce but short!

I like the collected artworks very much and enjoyed discovering some new artists I did not know about before, but the value is not the greatest, if you're looking for a lot of pages for your money I would rather recommend the Illustration 2013/2014... artbooks which are also available on TOM, they are really thick and have a huge variety of artists every year.

28 Apr. 2016[Edited]
Wonderful service!

Was a little surprised when it arrived so quickly. The artbook was well protected and I simply love the gift wrapping >.<
Needless to say, the illustrations by redjuice was a work of art that any fan would enjoy~

19 Apr. 2016
Soo worth it!

If you love collecting art books as I do, this is one worth adding to your collection!
It's not thick and doesn't have a lot of pages, but the moment I opened it I knew it was one of my new favourites.
Redjuice and Beatless are the most amazing art producers I've ever seen. It's really good to have an art book that mixes the two and a handful of other really talented artists into one amazing book! If you like the works they have displayed in the advertised images then you will love the entire product.
It arrived really past and was even still sealed (OhMyGosh I love sealed books it's the bomb diggity). Not a single scratch - as usual, TOM take REALLY good car...
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21 Feb. 2016

Recommended for all redjuice fans and collectors. contains really great art !


For someone who loves Redjuice and beatless, BAM