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Tamagotchi 4U 1
Tamagotchi 4U 2
Tamagotchi 4U 3
Tamagotchi 4U 4
Tamagotchi 4U 5
Tamagotchi 4U 6
Tamagotchi 4U 7
Tamagotchi 4U 8
Tamagotchi 4U 9
Tamagotchi 4U 10
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Manufacturer recommended for ages 6 and up. Tamagotchi 4U includes near-field connection (NFC) capabilities in order to sync with designated “touch spots” to access special item and additional character downloads. Unfortunately, these “touch spots” are currently only located in Japan. However, certain goods include “touch spot” marks, and Tamagotchi 4 U can interact with NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets, as well as certain Tamagotchi apps. Interchangeable faceplate designs and lanyards sold separately.

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Product Name: Tamagotchi 4U

Manufacturer: Bandai
Specifications: battery-powered handheld digital pet with color LCD display
Colors Available: pink or purple
Language: Japanese
2 AAA batteries included (for testing)

“Universal, utility, unique, united” - Bandai releases Tamagotchi 4U with exciting colors and new capabilities!

Ten characters are included, and how you raise your digital pet changes its appearance! It gains skills by going to school, learning to care for itself, and more! Other functions include praising/scolding, potty training, a babysitter, and post-adult stage growth. Personalize your device with interchangeable faceplates and charms, too!

With near-field communication (NFC), you can touch Tamagotchi 4U devices together to exchange profiles, messages, and do matchmaking! 4U can also connect with “touch spots” (see note), NFC-enabled smartphones, and Tamagotchi apps to access and download special items, new characters, and more! For old and new fans alike, the 4U is a fun update on the classic Tamagotchi!

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