Refolah Pharatia

by Sora Yuizuki

Refolah Pharatia 1
Product Details
Creator: Sora Yuizuki (
Project: Soranetarium
Composition, Lyrics, and Vocals: Sora Yuizuki
Arrangement: Hatoharu, Kahan, Kurisute
Recording & Mastering: Yoshihito Iwabuchi
Mix: Hatoharu (tracks 2, 4, 5), Yoshihito Iwabuchi (tracks 1, 3)
Special Thanks: Marica (Funczion Sounds)
Jacket Illustrator: KunaiUri
Language: Japanese
Number of Discs: 1
01. Refolah Pharatia (Short Ver.)
02. Legend of Refolah -Hajimari no Lilietta-
03. Tsukiakari no Kawabe
04. Kagami no you na Sekai
Bonus Track: Legend of Refolah -Inishie no Lilietta-

Refolah Pharatia features image songs that were born from the middle school fantasies of the talented and unique singer and lyricist Sora Yuizuki, who is known for her beautiful, aerial songs and thought-provoking lyrics. According to her story, the inhabitants of the once perished and reborn world are unable to control their emotions. In order to keep the balance, a girl sings every day, until she is sealed. The sextet accompanying the girl use a legendary sword to guide a boy on his way in order to escape the oncoming chaos. The phrase “Refolah Pharatia” itself is a coinage that means “Resonance and Coexistence” in the language of this world. If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy this album without a doubt. But don’t worry if you don’t know Sora Yuizuki yet, just check out her TOM Special Creator Portfolio and listen to the sample tracks below!

Sample "Refolah Pharatia" Via the Links Below
"Refolah Pharatia" Short Ver.:
Various Tracks:

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