Sora Yuizuki

Singer - Japan
I'm a singer and lyricist, or a nostalgic singer of poems, as I call myself. I deliver to you songs that make the world just a little deeper and your heart just a little wider. The theme is image songs of the world and the heart.



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    Sora Yuizuki feat. Kurisute "Itsuka wa Kieteku, Kanashii Yasashii Mori e" PV

    A single CD featuring the fleeting feelings between two girls that will never come true in two songs. It is the collaboration of gentle words, heartrending music that has a glimmery feel, and a floating voice. The beautiful jacket illustration is a must-see as well.

    This work was born from the phrase, “Lilies are nice.”

    “Itsuka wa Kieteku, Kanashii Yasashii Mori e”
    1. Itsuka wa Kieteku, Kanashii Yasashii Mori e
    2. Sotto Chikazuite, Kiite
    3. Itsuka wa Kieteku, Kanashii Yasashii Mori e (Instrumental)
    4. Sotto Chikazuite, Kiite (Instrumental)

    Composition and Srrangement: Kurisute
    Song and Video: Sora Yuizuki
    Illustration: Tomohiro Monaka

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    Sora Yuizuki "Watashi no Mori" (short ver.), from 3rd Album "Nostos*Algos"

    There are people who can correct their shortcomings right away when other people outpoint them, and there are those who can’t. And there are those who give up right after pointing out those shortcomings, and those who watch over until the end.

    They want to make as sure as they can, as they are pointing out things that have an influence on other people’s lifestyle.

    Trying to correct them. But still, you can’t correct them as you thought, and inadvertently, these shortcomings just keep popping out over and over again.

    I’m no different either, so this is also song of self-admonition, for I’ve hurt and been hurt.

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    Sora Yuizuki 3rd Album “Nostos*Algos” Promo

    The promotion movie of my 3rd album "Nostos*Algos (Nostalgia)" that came out in 2010. In this piece of work, I managed to incorporate plenty of the nostalgic pop taste I aim for.

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    Sora Yuizuki 2nd Album “Tir a Nog*” Promo

    The promotion movie of my 2nd album "Tir na Nog" that came out in 2008. Although it’s pretty dark as a whole, I think if one were to explain the world of Sora Yuizuki, including the lyrics, then this is the album.

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    Sora Yuizuki 1st Album “Philos*Sophia” Promo

    The promotion movie of my 1st album “Philos*Sophia” that came out in 2007. This album was born from the comment of a certain composer at a certain event, who said, “Let’s make an album!” It is a very, very precious work that pushes me forward. There is no integrity in the songs; it is an enjoyable album of many colors.

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About Me

Sora Yuizuki

Singer / Japan

I call myself the nostalgic singer of poems.

In my self-produced works, I feature many image songs of the mundane every days, with the identity of the world and heart and irony as their motifs.

I liked coming up with stories ever since childhood, and even now I engage in music activities that put the focus on the story. My activities cover a lot of ground.

While my specialty lies in my floating voice and the songs and lyrics that could be referred to as addressing, my works range from those strong in my characteristics to songs with a rock taste, and what makes my works peculiar is the presentation that makes use of my role and world-building, fostered by stage experience.

From 2013 fall, I started a project of produced works with composers. I pour all my strength into the discovery of this new drawer. Also, I am currently working on my first full album in 5 years titled “A Priori” which I plan to complete by 2015.


  • Creator nameSora Yuizuki
  • GenreMusic
  • NationalityJapan
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday08/15
  • Blood typea Type A that is easy to mistake with AB
  • HoroscopeLeo
  • Years Active7
  • Area of ActivityTokyo, Japan

    Personal History

    Self-produced animation “Waza no Tabibito” by Jun Matsuena: theme song vocals
    TV anime “Oreimo” 2nd season Episode 6 ending theme chorus

    <Consumer products>
    PSP game “Seishun wa Hajimemashita” © honeybee+: insert song and ending theme vocals and lyrics

    <PC games>
    PC game “Dousei Kareshi” series © BlackButterfly: ending theme vocals and lyrics
    PC game “Higurashi When They Cry: Matsuribayashi-hen” © 07thExpansion: ending theme vocals and lyrics

    <PC games (18+)>
    PC game “Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas ~Futari no Gallery~” © emsemble: theme song vocals and lyrics
    PC game “Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas” © emsemble: ending theme vocals
    PC game “xxx na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Hoho” © Lime vert: ending theme vocals
    PC game “Achrome Etude Canvas 4” © F&C/FC01: theme song and ending theme vocals and lyrics
    PC game “Triptych” © ALcot: Miu image song vocals

    and many others


    What was the occasion that made you start creating?

    When I was a child, “Anne of Green Gables” was my Bible. My imagination went too far and I couldn’t understand my surroundings and I turned to Anne in the book. The definite occasion was probably my overly vivid imagination, and when I realized I was drawing manga when I was 7. Encountering music was much later.

    What are you particular about?

    The feeling of “Welcome to the forest of Sora.”

    It’s okay if you don’t share or don’t understand. If I had to say, I’d like the listeners to have thoughts like, “That’s right,” “That’s not true,” or “If it was me I’d be like this,” and face their own worlds when coming to contact with my works. I want to create a world that’s like a forest where you are lost. Be it objection or agreement, they are all your real intention, and when you finally realize yourself, you’ll find the exit.

    How long does your work take to create?

    If we take a song as a unit, sometimes when they unexpectedly come to mind I might even complete them in one day. In the case of an album, it can take as much as 2-3 years, especially if the concept and the story are firmly stuffed inside.

    When do you come up with ideas for your works?

    (1) At moments when I feel something for something.
    It can be joy, anger, sadness, or anything. When I want to shout, “Aaaa!!” I immediately note down the things I thought about. Anyhow, I basically make everyday feelings into songs and stories. I'm quite a sentimental person, so there are times when I'm very pessimistic, when I want to swear at the world, or when I want to scream loudly. Writing such things carelessly on the Internet might result in something bad. However, if it's inside a song or a story, it suddenly becomes acceptable. So, that's why all of my works are born at moments when I "felt something."

    (2) When I come to understand the other side of something.
    I like reading, watching movies and the news, too. And when I do, sometimes they make me think, "Is it really as the words say?" or "Is it really as the critics and commentators say?" I like wondering about "What do I think of this? What would it be like if this became something more interesting to me?" and through that spiral of thinking, I often come up with ideas in a moment when everything makes sense.