Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No (First Edition)

by Sora Yuizuki

Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No (First Edition) 1
Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No (First Edition) 2
Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No (First Edition) 3
Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No (First Edition) 4
Product Details
Artist: Sora Yuizuki
Genre: J-pop
Jacket: full color (lyrics card - monochrome)
Language: Japanese
Number of Discs: 1
Includes first edition exclusive postcard

This latest 6-track CD from popular singer/songwriter Sora Yuizuki is produced by Marica of Funczion Sounds - themselves well known for their work in video games and background music among many other fantastic projects! Tsuki Ni Hoereba Konjiki No takes a dark fantasy theme and is based on the classic European fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. In this version of the well-known story, there are the people of the village and the people of the forest who each fear a wolf, and a young boy and girl who are forbidden to meet. When they do finaly encounter each other, the wheel of fate begins to turn! Journey in to a gothic fairytale world with this excellent new CD by popular artist Sora Yuizuki.

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