Nostos*Algos CD - Sora Yuizuki

by Sora Yuizuki

Nostos*Algos CD - Sora Yuizuki 1
Nostos*Algos CD - Sora Yuizuki 2
Nostos*Algos CD - Sora Yuizuki 3
Nostos*Algos CD - Sora Yuizuki 4

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Track Listing:
1.   Hajimari No Merodei (Arrangment:Kurisute, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
2.   Kimi No Iru Kaze (Arrangement:Tamaki Kinoshita, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
3.   Watashi No Mori (Arrangment:Kurisut,e Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
4.   Yasashii Mekumori (Arrangement:selesta, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
5.   Tomatta Tokei (Arrangement:Tamaki Kinoshita, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
6.   IDENTITY (Arrangement:borzy, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki)
7.   nostos*algos~ending point~ (Arrangement:Hatoharu, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki))
8.   Singing bird made of crystal glass (Arrangement:Hatoharu, Lyrics:Sora Yuizuki))

NostosAlgos is the third full-length, self-produced album from Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator Sora Yuizuki. Released in 2010 after a two year gap from her second album, Tir Na Nog, Nostos*Algos features eight excellent tracks along the theme of “meetings and partings.” During her time away, Sora Yuizuki thought hard about the direction she wanted her music to take and finally came out with this fantastic album of nostalgic pop songs which is recommended for all fans of nostalgic pop, nostalgic ballads, and triple beat music. When you find kindness in the world, you become a little stronger, and this album is full of that message with its theme of hellos and farewells.
Even if happy things and sad things keep happening, then it’s not all bad.
You notice things you hadn’t noticed before.
You begin to see things you couldn’t see before.
You get through it and then you’re that little bit stronger.
The people you stumble across, the events you stumble across, the words you stumble across.
When you learn to bow to the world around you,
a new wind rises gently at your back.

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