Attack on Titan to Release Smartphone Game in Winter 2018!

Attack on Titan to Release Smartphone Game in Winter 2018!

DeNA, owner of the Mobage platform, Nintendo and publisher of successful smartphone games like Rage of Bahamut, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and Blood Brothers, is teaming up with Attack on Titan for a brand new smartphone game!

No details on gameplay or its setting have been released yet, but a teaser website has been launched. Featuring exciting character silhouettes and quotes along with the imposing face of a Titan, it also confirms that the game's release is scheduled for winter 2018.

Originally a phenomenally popular manga by Isayama Hajime, Attack on Titan is a multimedia franchise that includes a TV anime and live action feature film adaptations. The series takes place over 100 years after giant man-eating monsters known as “Titans” almost wiped out humanity, forcing them to live behind huge protective walls. One day, the Titans suddenly return to wreak havoc, leaving humanity vulnerable once again.

© Isayama Hajime, Kodansha / Attack on Titan Production Committee ©DeNA

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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